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NFL Football

It’s Early but here’s my take on the NFL season after 3 weeks. check comments for post

TopDawgLarry 54M

9/28/2005 12:28 pm

AFC East

Miami 2-1 Team is playing well under new coach Nick Saban and is vastly improved over last year. Have concerns anytime your top QB is Gus Ferrote. Who will be the RB after week 4?

**New England 2-1 Key losses in coaching personnel and losing Harrison hurts. Bottom line is with the best coach in the league, Tom Brady, and Corey Dillon this team is still the team to beat.

Buffalo 1-2 Great defense took a severe blow in losing Spikes in last weeks game. The team is solid but, with that offense you can forget a winning season.

NY Jets 1-2 What can you say but maybe next year? This team will be lucky to win 5 games maybe they should look to draft that USC QB in the upcoming draft. Have to feel bad for Pennington

AFC North

*Cincinnati 3-0 One of the Big surprises of the early season! They have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball. 10 or 11 win season looks likely and a playoff bid. Johnson one of the best!

** Pittsburg 2-1 Still don’t think Roethlisberger is all that good but a very good coaching staff and a good running game along with a super defense makes this team a contender but no Super Bowl

Cleveland 1-2 Same as always 6-10 but, look on the bright side you have a stud in Edwards now if only the new coaching staff can find a QB and a RB to go along with him.

Baltimore 0-2 Jamal Lewis and a Great Defense is that enough? Not likely but they will beat some good teams. Soon as this team finds a passing game they will be tough to handle. Next year?

AFC South

**Indy 3-0 Playing as expected or are they? Defense much improved they are a legit Super Bowl contender. Will Manning get done come January?

*Jacksonville 2-1 One of the up and coming teams. Still think they’re a couple years away but have to love their guts and tough D.

Tennessee 1-2 There playing tuff and I like McNair and coach Fisher but the defense give up way to many big plays. Wouldn’t be shocked if they made a run at Wild Card.

Houston 0-2 They Just Suck. Might be bad enough to keep jets from #1 pick next year.

AFC West best division in AFC

*Denver 2-1 Great coach, solid defense one of the best running games in NFL but hard to like a team led by Jake Plummer to advance to far in playoffs.

** KC 2-1 My preseason pick to win the Super Bowl and still sticking with them. A Improved defense will have to lead the way.

San Diego 1-2 They will be in the playoff picture but think they will fall short. LT is the best all around back in the NFL and Drew Brees is a solid NFL Quarterback but they just have to many holes to repeat last year feat.

Oakland 0-3 Still can’t stop the run. Still can’t stop the pass means a long year in Oakland. They are exciting on offense and capable of being a huge spoiler at the end of season. 7-9 maybe lots of weapons!

TopDawgLarry 54M

9/28/2005 2:22 pm

NFC is tomorrow and will update weekly

TopDawgLarry 54M

9/28/2005 11:09 pm

NFC take

** Division Winner
* Wild Card

NFC East

Washing 2-0 Great defense, veteran mobile QB, Clinton Portis, and a legendary Coach but is it enough? Only if the offense gets better will they be legit wild card threat

*Dallas 2-1 Another legendary coach with veteran roster and Julius Jones. The defense better get better or they will go down to wire hunting for that wild card spot.

NY Giants 2-1 Eli and the Giants are an improving but Tiki Barber can’t carry this team to playoffs by himself on offense. If they’re going to make a playoff run the secondary will have to improve and Eli will have to develop more of a passing threat maybe with Burress.

**Philly 2-1 Until some dethrones them in the NFC they’re still the team to beat. Will turmoil between stars be the downfall of this team? Hell NO its not that big deal if they don’t like each other as long as McNabb realizes he needs TO in order to win a Super Bowl. Speaking of TO I think he’s the best receiver the game has seen since Rice glory days. Lets not forget the importance of Westbrook either he’s game break threat running and receiving. The defense isn’t bad either so what’s not to like about the Eagles? A injured kicker? Yeah

NFC North simply a pathetic division were 8-8 could win the division

Detroit 1-1 Looked great in week 1 then gets stomped by a bad Chicago team. Harrington will make or break the Lions season. He has the weapons around including arguably the best WR trio in the NFL. Personally I doubt Harrington will rise to the occasion and could be sent packing before next season starts. Regardless of how well he plays they will be in the chase for the division title.

**Minnesota 1-2 Finally put together a decent game after 2 very ugly and disappointing games. Before the season began I felt this team was a threat to the Eagles and Falcons for the NFC title. They could still be a legitimate playoff team before its all said done but the offensive line will have to step up and they will need to find a running game so the passing attack can blossom. 9-7 or 10-6 still very possible for the Vikings.

Chicago 1-2 Well, the defense can’t win you 8 games so unless Orton and Benson develop in a hurry they will be looking at another top draft pick in next years draft. The team does have some potential however and Lovie Smith has them on the right track they just need a QB to be a contender in this division. Could be in race for title if Vikings continue to struggle.

Green Bay 0-3 OUCH!!! They simply look terrible on both offense and defense. Losing Walker was a bigger blow than I expected. Even if he was healthy the defense has so many holes in that this Packer team would have struggled mightily to contend for the division. Without him forget the season is over! Farve will win enough games in what might be his last year to keep the team from a top 5 pick in next years draft.

NFC South The best division in football

*Tampa Bay 3-0 They started showing signs of being a very good team at the end of last season so this great start is no surprise to me. Griese is perfect for this offense and he has some young weapons in Clayton and Williams to help take the pressure of his shoulders. Gruden is a tough cookie and knows how to win and the defense is solid. They will make the playoffs if the above mentioned stay healthy easily. They might want to spell Williams a little more as season continues to make sure he stays in one piece for the playoffs.

**Atlanta 2-1 Vick is the most exciting player in NFL and is capable of changing the outcome of any game all by his self. A quick and aggressive defense and the leagues best running game will be plenty to take this team deep into the playoffs maybe even to the Super Bowl. Vick must stay healthy or this team is just average.

*Carolina 1-2 The defense better get its act together if they want a playoff spot. The offense is more than proficient enough with Jake Delhomme at the helm and healthy Steve Smith to make huge plays.
I doubt they go far into the playoffs but I sure wouldn’t want to play them come playoff team because they’re a dangerous group just inconsistent.

New Orleans 1-2 America’s team? NO! They have some of the best talent but with no home field advantage and a lack of leadership both on the field and on the sidelines this team is heading home for Christmas again! They could play a huge spoiler roll down the stretch and if they find some leadership have outside shot at playoffs.

NFC West

**Seattle 2-1 To much talent not to pick them but they’re a lot like Saints except they have a good coach and a home field. Alexander is a handful and Hasselbeck has been consistent performer over the last few years. It’s time they put it all together or break this group up.

St. Louis 2-1 Will contend for both the division title and a wild card spot but the leagues worst coach will make enough mistakes over the course of the season to cost them a playoff spot. Steven Jackson is an upcoming big time back and Holt is one of the elite receivers. Special teams and defense need to step it up a bit.

San Francisco 1-2 Getting better but still has to find a running game and the defense needs to stop giving up huge plays. Ratay is a ok QB but his days are numbered with Alex Smith waiting to take this team over probably by mid-season. I think they’re headed in the right direction finally and a return to the glory days may not be that far away.

Arizona 0-3 Thought Warner was a nice pickup by Dennis Green and he still maybe but he has to stay healthy for this team to have any shot. They really need to develop a running not only would this help keep Warner healthy but it would open the passing game up tremendously allowing Boldin and Fitzgerald to tare up opponents secondary. The defense is improving but needs to step up now or the for season of high hopes will be over soon.

Note Dallas Carolina and Seattle will have to hold off Washington, St Louis and possibly the Lions for the last 2 wild card spots. Seattle and St. Louis will battle it out all season long and the only guarantee for either of them is to win the division.

TopDawgLarry 54M

9/29/2005 11:54 am

Week 4 prediction and Fantasy plays

Buffalo 17 vs. New Orleans 24(San Antonio) Saints want to make a good impression on what might be their new home. Buffalo’s defense took lost its leader to injury last week their still good but the saints have to many weapons. Buffalo is also very mediocre on Offense but then again when’s the last time the saints stopped anybody? Fantasy: Great Plays McGahee will get his 100 yards and 1 TD, Brooks 2 TD’s and 250 yards. Good plays Horne, Mcalister

Denver 13 @ Jacksonville 16 Have to take the Jags at home with their ball control offense and one of the leagues best defenses but it will come down to the wire. Winner has leg up in wild card race so it’s a very important early season game so look for a lot of hard hitting and possibly a long strike or two. If Denver is going to win it will be trough the air. Fantasy : Good plays : both the kicker’s and Fred Taylor and Jag Defense

Detroit 14 @ Tampa Bay 31. The Buc’s will go to 4 -0 as they are better on both sides of the ball. Just don’t see the Lions stopping Tampa Bay at all. The Lions will struggle to run and thus Harrington will struggle as well. Fantasy: Great Plays Carnell Williams 100+ yards and at least 1 score, Brian Greise 250 yard and 3 TD’s, Michael Clayton has a big day as well 100 yards and 2 TD’s Good plays TB defense

Houston 10 @ Cincinnati 41 Yes, it will be a route and the Bengal’s will do as they please. Might call this a SM game as they slap their ASSES and do as they please to the bitches in Houston. Fantasy-- Great Plays Cincinnati Defense 5 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 2 Int and maybe a score, Palmer 300 yards and 3 scores, C. Johnson 125 yards 2 TD’s, and Rudi Johnson 75 yards and 1 TD---- Good plays TJ Houshmandadeh 1 TD

Indy 41 @ Tennessee 24 Indy has too much for the Titans to handle and the Colt’s offense will have this season first big game. Fantasy--- Peyton Manning 350 yards 3+ TD’s, Marvin Harrison 150 yard 1 TD, Dallas Clark 75 yards 1 TD, James 1 TD 75 yards, McNair 300 yards 3 TD’s, Drew Bennett 2 TD’s 100+ yards good plays--- Wayne, Stokley

SD 13 @ NE 24 The Champs won’t lose this one at home and will take LT out of the game forcing the issue on Drew Brees. Fantasy--- Great Plays Corey Dillon 2 TD’s 100+ yards Good Plays Brady, Branch, Gates, LT (but his streak will end)

Seattle 17 @ Washington 10 Not a game for you fantasy players this will be a low scoring game that the Seahawks will pull out. Washing has to run well to have a chance and its possible but would think Portis would be the center of attention for Seattle. Look for Skins to go deep early and often to loosen up the defense. Fantasy --- Good plays ? Alexander (you have too just like LT) and Portis

St. Louis 27 @ NYG 17 Giant secondary can be tough but the rams will beat them deep at least once and look for 3 or 4 40 yard plays by the Rams. Eli Still learning and the Rams will come after him often Tiki needs a big day for giants to stay in it. Fantasy---- Great Plays Holt 125+ 1 TD, Steven Jackson 100 yards 2 TD’s Tiki Barber 100 rushing 70 receiving 1 TD Good plays Bulger

NYJ 3 @ Baltimore 24 The Jets have no chance in this one and the Raven Defense will swarm them like killer bees. Fantasy --- Great plays Baltimore Defense 5 sacks 2 int, 1 fumble Jamal Lewis 150 yards 2 TD’s

Dallas 28 @ Oakland 31 Just a hunch here that Oakland pulls off a mild upset and gets their first win of year. Looks like a shoot out to me but Dallas has the potential to shut the raiders down but we all know the Raiders couldn’t stop a college team from scoring. Fantasy --- Great plays Collins 300 3 TD, Moss 100 1 TD, Jordan 75 1 TD, Jones 150 2 TD’s, Bledsoe 250 2 TD’s good plays Glenn, Porter

Minnesota 14 @ Atlanta 31 Vick and running game of Falcons to much for a Viking team still searching for answers if they find the could be closer but how do they find a running game and a offensive line that can block in a week? Fantasy --- Great Plays Vick 200 passing 1 TD 75 rushing 1 TD --- Good plays Culpepper, Taylor, Dunn, TJ Duckett and Atlanta Defense

Philly 26 @ KC 27 Chiefs bounce back and take care of business at home. Kicking woes could be difference in game. Fantasy --- Great Plays McNabb 2 TD’s 250+, Westbrook 150 combined yards 1 TD and Owens 75 and 1 TD, Holmes 100+ 2 TD’s Gonzalez 75+ 1 TD --- Good plays the kickers and Trent Green

49 21ers vs. Arizona 24 in Mexico Arizona finds away to get the ball to Fitzgerald late to win the game.
Fantasy --- Great Plays Rattay 250+ 2 TD’s, McNown 300+ 3 TD’s , Fitzgerald 100+ 1 TD Good Plays Shipp, Boldin, Lloyd

Green Bay 21 Carolina 30 Favre will try his best to no avail as the Panthers run wild on them. Big home field advantage for Carolina this time of year especially. Fantasy ---- great plays Delhomme 275 2 TD’s, Smith 100 1 TD, Favre 250+ 3 TD’s Good plays Davis, Green, Ferguson

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