Adult Bookstore Fantasy  

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10/5/2005 1:14 pm

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Adult Bookstore Fantasy

Several/most adult bookstores have movie arcades and or private viewing booths. Some of these booths have glory holes but that isn’t what this fantasy is about.

The first time I went into such a place with glory holes I wondered what the hell they were for. As I watched a movie I became very aroused and my cock was begging to be pleased. Eventually the fear of possibly been seen stroking my cock in a public place over came me and I pulled 8 throbbing inches out and began to slowly stroke my cock as I watched that super hot flick. To my horror I saw two sets of eyes peering through the glory holes on each side of my booth. I could feel my face turning red in embarrassment but as long as they didn’t say anything I didn’t care for I was way to aroused to stop unless I was forced. After watching for a few minutes one set of eyes told me to stick my cock through the hole and they would suck it dry for me. Well, it was a mans voice and no offense but I wasn’t interested in having a man suck my cock at all. This made me nervous and scared so I stuffed my swollen cock back into my pants and was going to leave. Just as I was about to leave I heard a woman’s voice coming from the opposite booth she said please don’t go. I said what? She then said that her and her boyfriend were taking turns watching me and they enjoyed it so much and wished I would continue because they were fucking in the booth next to me and watching me instead of their movie. The Man in the other booth said yeah don’t leave we’ll just watch please don’t go.
I was to embarrassed to continue and started to open the door when the lady said please please don’t go I’ll suck your cock for a little bit if you will just stay! I was embarrassed but yet so turned on by the thought of a couple and a man watching me not to mention a partial blow job that I lowered my jeans to the floor and stuck my now semi erect cock through the couples glory hole. She sucked my cock for several minutes as I turned my head to watch the movie again. I could feel myself growing in her warm moist mouth. She stopped for a second and I’m almost certain her boyfriend took her spot (really don’t know and I couldn’t really tell and to be honest at that moment didn’t really care) before whoever started sucking and stroking my cock again. After a few minutes she said ok its time for you to go sit down and finish the show for us all! I did and when I finished they clapped and said TY all 3 of them.

That experience led to me to this fantasy that I have yet to fulfill some 20 years later. I have always wanted to go to an adult bookstore with a lady friend or couple to watch a movie and fuck and suck our brains silly as we watched an xxx rated movie. Trying many of the positions that the performers of the moving were doing we fuck, suck and cum many times during the course of the movie. For an added bonus there would be glory holes for somebody else to peer through and watch or maybe we would just leave the door semi ajar if there were no glory holes. I’ve seen a handful of couples over the years go into these booths and I admit I watched more than one of them fucking and sucking each other but didn’t have the courage to ask to join.

Sure wish some voyeuristic woman or couple would hunt me down and fulfill this fantasy for me!!!

k_love36D 46F

10/24/2005 1:50 pm

Wow, After reading this, I was so hot. I couldn't help but pretend I got to be the lady on the other side sucking you off. You really turned me on!!

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