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7/8/2005 4:05 pm

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What a Day

I met a couple from AdultFriendFinder for the first time. let me say it wasent a so ..pleasent experience. The ..wife was roughly 30 years old decent body. The husband was nearly 40 , Good build and humor about them.

First we decided to meet at a local restraunt. To get to know each other. I suppose the first thing i noticed was that the wife's teeth were "Extreamly Awful". black , grayish colors filled her mouth , along with missing teeth. Total Turn off. Honestly I wanted to leave right there. But Im not that kind of person so I Stayed around , decided to at least try and enjoy the dinner.

The ..Husband . was kinda creepy. I mean he seemed like a ok guy. But , certain comments his wife would made at the dinner table , created a chilling look in her direction. Chilling in a " you just wait till we get home" Sort of look. Earlier we talked about going dancing or perhaps to a bar. But , I didnt want the evening to go that far. So when dinner was done. I explained to them that they werent exactly was I was looking for and that Im no longer intrested in pursuing them.

The wife , seemed to know that was comming. She bowed out with at least a sence of grace. But the Husband began to throw a fit. Started saying I was evil for leading them on. I explained the purpose of the dinner was to see If things worked between us to pursue our friendship to the bedroom. For a brief moment I thought he was going to grab my arm in rage. I quickly got into my car and left.

If that wasent enough , On the way home. A guy in a truck began to follow me home. I even circled a block to see If he was following me , And he kept close behind me. He drove up to me , while he was driving in the wrong lane and started licking his hand at me. I called the police , who gave me directions to a parked police car nearby. When I drove past the officer , He stopped the truck behind me and I continued home.

So I ended up calling TrustnFunStuff , and we met at my place. We talked about Police stuff , What happened to me earlier that day , The charecter differences between Vin disel in Pitch black and Chronicles of Riddick over a glass of a cosmopolitan , He didnt drink any alc. Before I was finished with my drink he , Took me. For it seemed all night long. He arrived around 9pm. Left somewhere between 5 or 6am. After about 3 hours of sex. We decided to take a shower. Where we just started having sex again. When we were clean and dry. We started having more sex. Nothing like good sex to end a bad day. I woke up sore , no one has made me sore in years. I suppose Ill be out of comission for a couple of days. Later he recommened a couple and a single female hes been with once off AdultFriendFinder. They seem very eager to meet me and Since TrustnFunStuff got along with them I sure I will.

JessAndGary 35M/F

7/24/2005 4:31 pm

Hate nasty theeth thats the worst. They actually expect you to kiss that please I don't want teeth like that in the same room with me! Some guys are such creeeps and glad to hear you are okay after the asshole follwing. Oh ps hope you are feeling better by now!

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