Weekends are the Best  

TooGood4MostofU 34F
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7/10/2005 3:45 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Weekends are the Best

I went to Pleasure Island yesterday In hopes to meet another couple from AdultFriendFinder. But After waiting on them 45 min. Past due. I gave up on them. I recieved a message of apology today from them. Claiming they got held up in traffic in combination of all ready having left too late.

I went to a couple of clubs at PI. I dont recall which ones at the moment. It didnt take long for the vultures to move in. I was alone , so I kinda expected it. I humored a couple guys i met there. Did a dance or two with them.

But when ever I tried to leave they'd ask If I wanted to go with them somewhere else. Typical question , I turned down all of them. Even to One really hot guy but I had saw him earlier necking a previous girl on the dance floor.

I sat down in a chair next to an outdoor bar. I was just people watching ,Waiting I guess for someone new to come along.

When a Couple approached me. Very classy woman about 30 and Husband with jeans and t shirt about same age. They were about as normal as people can get. They wernt over bearing , arrogant , or Self centered. They didnt try too hard . We all got along pretty well. After chatting to them for about 30 min. The husband asked If I would be intrested in heading on over to their place. With out any hesitation from me I agreed.

Before I knew it I was Inside their living room , Sitting on their couch. Drinking kahlua. The wife sat next to me while the husband sat on a love seat across from us. . I was looking at the husband discussing something, I dont remember what when out of no where the Wife was Licking and kissing my left ear. I closed my eyes , bit my lip and focused on the sensation.

She continued to kiss me , Kiss my neck and chest. She took off my blouse and bra. And began licking my nipples. It didnt take her very long to make her way to my clit. I remember closing my eyes , and when I opened them the Husband had taken her clothes off. I didnt even notice. I closed my eyes again , and when I opened them I looked down and the husband had taken her place between my legs. That was a huge turn on. I got very wet. While the Husband was having fun down below the Wife gently positioned her clit within reaching distance of my mouth.

Well it continued from there. Id say the evening went very well. We exchanged phone numbers and made planes to meet again in a few weeks. On my way home TrustNFunStuff Called me. Told me about a girl he had in his bedroom he met at CityWalk who was intrested in us all getting together. I thought about it for a few moments , talked to the girl We seemed to get along. But I just got done having lots of sex and it was getting pretty late. Besides , to me it sounded like they didnt need my help. lol . Tho I did tell her Id be intrested in getting together but not tonight. We agreed on a time to get together and I went to bed.

As far as Today goes , I Looked over my AdultFriendFinder e mails and profile , Sent out messages to those I thought things could happen with. Geesh You single guys send out some ,, Shallow E mails in an attempt to get a girl in bed. Yeah I know your just looking for sex , frankly so am I . But girls can have sex with any guy. Why should we have sex with you. We arnt going to believe you If you say the typical things like. Well im fun in bed , I last a long time , I know how to please you. Be original , Make yourself stand out among the hundreds of other men who Send me E mails. As far as the Couples go , You all seem to be very geniuine. Tho my success rate thus far on AdultFriendFinder with couples is 0%. Ive only responded to Maybe 5 Couples so far out of like 20. So If I havent gotten to you yet , Theres still chance I will. Understand that just because I reply to you doesnt mean I want you. Just means Im intrested. ok..( To those who offend easily. )

fantasychick69 47M/46F
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7/13/2005 8:37 am

The night with the couple sounds exactly what I had in mind...

Mikey_B1972 44M

7/18/2005 6:42 pm

Sounds like you had a great weekend..I was in a similar situation years ago, but i just wasn't down being that close to another males body. Even though i knew the couple, and knew he wasn't going to touch me, i just couldn't do it.

Sorry to hear about the bad experience with the other couple. BUT hey, it ended up good. You hooked up with trustnfunstuff...

Having bounced for many years, i have seen many situations go bad. Please be careful when venturing out. There are some real nut cases out there. I am sure you have heard that a thousand times, but it really is a bad spot to be in, if it happens...

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