To Make Love To A Women Give Her Every Thing  

Tony30846 57M
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4/22/2006 5:48 am
To Make Love To A Women Give Her Every Thing

Making love to you would be a dream come true, yes you if i may,allow me by starting with laying you down on your bed kissing your tender lips sliding my tongue into your mouth slowly and gently at the same time undoing your top and moving my hand over your breast towards your nipple o yes, babe o yes as you begin to moan an i begin to nibble down your neck and towards your breast so as to lick your nipplesand as i do this my hand moving down towards your beautiful wet vergina gently rubbing and entering, feeling the inside of you, now moving my mouth to your other breast teesing your nipple and now, now is the time move down towards your vergina and lick the wet juices now flowing freely I enter with my tongue slow and as deep as i can reach, in out around up down in again, o babe your groaning is making so horny my cock now hard and thick i move to enter your vergin, slowly,all the way in and all the way out so you may feel the true pleasures of making love o feel me entering feel the passion from my heart,o babe set me upon the clouds and come for me o yes this for you

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