An Evening With a Sensual Lady and Some Guys  

Tongue4Ldy 54M
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1/7/2006 11:07 pm

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An Evening With a Sensual Lady and Some Guys

My story begins last Thursday night. I am also monitoring another adult site for finding friends. I saw a post by a woman who wanted to meet men so she could instruct us on the art of masturbation and the erotic techniques that turn a woman on.

This lady was amazing...very sensual and forward with her sexuality. She had tried to get a group of guys together for about 2 months to no avail.

I finally posted advising everyone that I would arrange all the details. Guys were asked to meet at a hotel and wait in a quiet sitting area until 7:15, at which point I would get a room for the activities. By 7:15, there were 3 guys and the woman.

I am a 43 y.o. mwm. I am 5'6", 195, 6" uncut and I love to lick a woman and I do it well.

Gentleman #2 was a mwm about my age and slimmer. He is about 5.5" and more slender than I.

Gentleman #3 was black and younger. He was a big gentleman, both in height and endowment.

The lady, D., is a beautiful woman. French Canadian and sexy as all get out! She is quite open with her desires and very talented in her techniques of discussing sex.

As we entered the hotel room, D. asked us to get undressed and she would freshen up. We got down to our skivvies and sat on the couch and chairs in the room.

D. emerged from the bathroom wearing a delicate bra and skirt. She sauntered over to us and asked if we would like to show her what we knew about stimulating a woman. The two other gentlemen, having had no prior group experiences, approached her and tried to undress her. She asked them to slow down and pay attention to her body. I sat and enjoyed watching her getting the attention. She knew by my patience that I would be a good assistant to her instructions.

She danced a bit for us, arousing our desires by caressing our bodies and teaching the guys to locate and stimulate the erogenous zones of their mates. She asked the guys to sit and observe as she and I demonstrated our skills.

I took her body and wrapped my arms around her torso. I kissed her neck. My mouth and tongue worked over her neck and shoulders and up to her ear lobe. She leaned back to me and I caressed her body and stomach. I moved my fingers gingerly between her breasts and over her chest. She moaned as I pressed my lips to the nape of her neck and placed a firm kiss there, my tongue licking as I sucked her soft flesh. As she pressed her buttocks into my groin, with my stiff cock bulging, I placed a hand inside her left bra cup. My fingers found her nipple, erect and hardened with passion. She expressed her arousal by her laboured breathing.

She indicated that the other gents might like to further their education. They joined in our erotic dance of romance as Dianna Krall played in the background.

As I felt she was ready for more, I indicated it was time to retreat to the bed. We removed her bra and her luscious breasts swelled to the cool temperature of the room. Her skirt was dropped to the floor revealing a full natural bush. It has been some time since I had seen a natural bush and was pleasantly surprised by this.

As we lay her on the bed, I stroked her thighs spreading them wide. My hand went to her mons and caressed the soft folds, exposing the pink flesh barely visible in the low light of the room. As I moved to kiss and lick her pussy, the other gents moved to give her tits some attention. She grasped at their cocks and began stroking them both. She asked who wanted to be first to breach her full, pouty lips. It was the black gentleman who quickly volunteered to be sucked.

D. eagerly took him in her mouth. I was lying between her thighs at the foot of the bed, my face buried in her pussy. She was musty by clean smelling. The taste was sweet as honey as I lapped at her flowing juices. She was becoming so wet as 3 men gave her our attentions.

D. took turns sucking the other 2 guys as I was finding her clit and licking all around her pussy. I also love to nibble around her inner thighs and down to the peritoneum between her pussy and ass. She became very aroused and was rocking her hips as I sucked her labia into my mouth and pressed them between my lips.

As she was having more and more difficulty catching her breath, I moved up her pubic area with my tongue and mouth. Over her tummy and to her breasts, alternately and gently tugging her erect nipples with my mouth.

D. had alternated sucking each of the other 2 and they were hard and ready to explode. I moved to have my turn being sucked by her talented mouth. The other white guy moved to eat her wet pussy. The black gentleman was stroking his large shaft as he played with her titties. As I was thrusting into D.'s mouth, I became very hard. My thrusts were more rapid as she sucked me deep inside her mouth. Her lips were hollowed as she sucked. She looked beautiful with my cock between her lips, her eyes fixed on mine.

I knew I was near and moved to her chest. I stroked my cock a few times and began to cum on her tits. My grunts and moans were very loud which set her off in a state of uncontrolled arousal. She pressed her pussy tight to the guy’s mouth as he ate her. She jerked the black cock as she threw her head from side to side.

I rose from the bed as she moved her fingers over her cum covered tits, playing with the slippery wetness that covered her right breast and chest. The black guy took his own cock in hand and began to jerk off. He stroked himself until he came over her tits. The white gent moved to take my position and was stroking himself to cum on her tummy.

I had gone to the bathroom to get a warm, wet cloth to wash D.'s chest and tummy. She writhed in an erotic daze as we sat to collect our breaths. She loved the feeling of the warm cloth on her chest since the cool room air had chilled the liquid on her chest. I cleaned her completely and kissed her still swollen nipple.

D. recovered and lay in the middle of the bed as we returned to the chairs in the room. We talked about eroticism and the sexes. How men and women view sex differently. At some point, D. advised us that thought this was to be a session to teach us guys about erotic masturbation, she was still quite aroused and in need of some relief. We discussed what she would like us to do. She was not averse to giving us her pussy and her ass.

I had never had anal sex before and was interested in trying. I had a few condoms in my briefcase and brought them out. D. liked to be on top of a man as he penetrated deep into her. We decided that the black guy would be first to fuck her as she climbed upon his rod. I asked if she ever wanted to be dp'd and she said yes. I moved behind her and began fingering her ass. She relaxed and pressed back to meet my finger. When I began to slide easily into her ass, I moved to press my cock to her hole. The black dude was filling her pussy quite fully. I couldn't get the leverage to push my cock into her ass with his cock inside her to the hilt. It was decided that she would reposition to doggie position for us to take turns at her ass. We thought that the black guy shouldn't be first because he was much thicker than the two of us.

The other guy went first, finding her easy to enter. She said that my finger had given her the relaxation she needed. While he pumped into her ass, I moved to place a finger inside her pussy. I could feel the guys cock slide into her as he thrust. She was getting wetter as I caressed her pubic bone, trying to locate her g-spot. She bounced her lovely ass back and forth as she got her ass pounded and her pussy fingered. The guy didn't take long before he hastened his pace and shot his load inside her. He gripped the condom at the base and withdrew his cock from her.

Now the black guy moved to position his cock into her. My hand was still at her pussy with my finger stroking her pubic bone. When he entered her, I felt my finger become compressed as he completely filled her ass. She grunted as he pushed his full length into her ass. I kept my finger inside her as he fucked her butt hole. She said that the sensation of both holes being stimulated was incredible. He came after a few minutes and withdrew with a slurping sound.

For my turn she wanted to have eye contact. She lay on her back on the bed. I moved between her legs as she lifted her nice bottom to give me access to her ass. (Since I had already been almost in for the DP, I couldn't do her pussy.)

I entered her ass with ease. I was surprised how firm her sphincter was wrapped around my shaft as I pumped her. She played with her tits as I looked her deep into the eyes. She was rolling her eyes as I pumped. She climaxed quite fast, having been ass fucked by three guys by now. Her ass tightened around my cock as she came. I pounded hard into her and came as she was gasping for air. She was sated after 2 hours of almost continual stimulation.

The black guy wanted one more time to enjoy her and she hungrily sucked his cock again. Before long, her straddled her chest and rubbed his cock over her tits. She pressed her tits together and he slid between them. She commented on how quiet he was throughout the evening. Even as he came on her tits he hardly made a noise, just panting. She told us that many women find that men who moan and groan when they cum are a great turn on. Being the teacher's pet that night, I had made the most noise while eating, fucking, jerking and cumming.

This was a night to remember and I look forward to being with my teacher again. I stayed behind after the other guys left and held her in my arms. She said she felt secure with me and the other guys were fine but she was glad I had taken a leadership role. She wants me to arrange another event, perhaps with another woman involved.

We went for a bite to eat before I returned home. I was very satisfied with a night to remember.

Sorry for a long story. I hope some of you find it worth reading.

Omega69You 45M

1/11/2006 8:08 pm

Interesting story!
True or fantasy?

77SeaMan 56M
61 posts
1/17/2006 3:17 pm

Sounds like it was a great night! I have been monitoring this situation for a while now and would like an invite to join. I might even be able to make it this week.
Let me know what is up....oops sorry about the pun....I'll check back in later tonight or tommorrow to see.


rm_CumPassion8 58M
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2/5/2006 9:02 am

Hey there Tongue4Ldy,

My compliments for taking charge and arranging an evening of fun where a lady can fell safe and secure to live out her fantasies.

I would like to suggest, that your idea to start a new Post for co-ordinating and recruiting for these evenings is a good idea.

I will wait til it's up before deleting the "French woman sxcurves where are you doing this again" by Zake38.

good luck,
Cum Passion
aka Masturbation Toronto moderator

rm_BruzeWee 51M
1 post
6/28/2006 7:12 pm

Wow! Never thought that something like this could really happen!

cockseekingfun 54M

10/4/2006 7:44 pm

Good for you to organise meet-ups. ! I saw you have been an active arranger of get-together's. It's a good job to and someone has to. I saw you were thinking of one on 3 Oct but that was a working day for me. I'd like to take the initiative to start arranging something. Did you have a few failures first? i.e. the ladies didn't show or too many men show up? How do you pay for the room? Pro-rata? Share you experiences with us (if you haven't before) and maybe there'll be more action.Thanks

rm_AngelOne72 44F
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11/4/2006 1:13 pm

GOD, that was such a hot story, B....Thanks for sharing...and THANKS for creating this instant 'puddle' in my pants, too!...heehee...

Must have been AMAZING....

Jane (Angelone72)

sxcurves4u 52F

11/12/2006 5:47 pm

Well Brian,

That is a perspective I had not read before today...

A dignified description of an erotic evening if I ever read one.

Thank you for this fine reminder of a unique evening...


_Slut_Hunter_ 35M
25 posts
11/13/2006 7:41 pm

Sounds like a great night. I'm a real guy here on AdultFriendFinder, and looking for group action (MMMF). I'd love to be involved in future plans.

kirk42shell34 52M/44F

6/6/2007 8:14 pm

Very nice story, now you should arrange same for a couple!!!!

hornymonkey6 46M
12 posts
11/7/2010 11:36 am

Sound like a fantastic night. I would love to be involved next time, if that is possible.

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