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10/8/2005 9:11 am

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There was a time in my life when that was all I wanted to do.Get naked.Rip off my clothes and get down to it.Hell I even streaked in college with my floor buddies after a night of drinking back when it was cool.

Today I am more cautious.I do not like my body.There is too much fat underneath this shirt.There once was a six pack there.Now I drink 6 packs( not all at one time).They say you are what you eat. No wonder I look like a Jelly doughnut.Do not get me wrong.I still like getting naked but I prefer it be in a dark room.When I have had a drink or two.

Getting naked emotionally is a different thing.I can share myself in little pieces like this blog.I hide behind a silouette so you do not see what I look like.I am the Elephant Man -I am not an Elephant I am a Human Being.Someone who read my every post would get to know the demons with which I wrestle.

Today I went for a digging in the dirt meeting.Today she struck gold. The sewage pipe of pain and shit came streaming out.You saw New Orleans? Multiply it ten fold.The pain, the anger, the loss, the fear, the hurt. You can only keep it down so long.It is always will never go away. Someone has said losing your memory is not such a bad thing and today was a day I agreed.It streamed out and I could not hold it down any longer.The walls around me broke down as hard as I tried to keep them up. The sobs, the tears, the pain- reminders that I can run but I can never hide.

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10/8/2005 5:56 pm

whatever it is that your going through and by holding it in it swims in your own head thus making you feel worse it is best to let that shit out believe me when I tell you. I use this bloggin stuff and my meetings just for that and it has helped me gradually to become comfortable in my own skin and I only hope that you find a way to do it for yourself I've mentioned what I'm going to write before but now I'm going to share it with you. life is like moving from room to room it's just the hallways that are a mother fucker find the next room or stage in your life tom and live, it's not always gonna be great but it doesn't have to be shitty either, I thought it was weak for a man to show his emotions but that couldn't be farther from the truth,why do you think women out live us cuz they dont hold shit in they're either on the phone or with one of their girlfriends lettin loose what's on their minds do the same and live with a little piece an peace of mind luv ya happy birthday tom enjoy

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10/9/2005 6:50 pm


Did you know that most of us gain weight to create a "layer" that keeps us from intimacy and protects us from others???

Did you know that as you lose body fat more emotions will be realized and dealt with?

hang in there're on "the right track" - stay with us and we'll help you move forward! Luvs u! {=}

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