A Sex Life? Looking back, looking ahead  

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9/20/2005 8:27 am

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A Sex Life? Looking back, looking ahead

Another birthday looms.I am closing in on the big 5-0.A milestone if I make it.Life sure looks different here than it did at 20-30-40.Reflecting back on my so called sex life and why not, this is supposed to be a sex website( you have to believe at least some people are having sex through AdultFriendFinder), it is time to take an inventory.When I was a yong man all I thought about was, in the words of Ian Drury, sex and drugs and rock and roll. I could come 5 or 6 times in a row.Now I do not think about it as much.I wonder if my sex drive is hibernating again or the natural order of things now that I am older. I was faster on the draw but, who cares?I would have an erection immediately and we would get things heated up in no time.Now the first time I am a raging bull.The second time is slower.The erection doesnt stand at attention like it used to.I cant write my name in scipt in the snow any longer and shoot an orgasm across the rrom. I learned how to please a woman mechanically - where the clit was located, how to turn her on. I also learned that sex began in the mind and allowed the lover in me to bloom.I was a romantic, a worshiper of woman, desiring to share the intimacy as often as I could.Now I am more gaurded, more interested in evrything about a woman and must be turned on by her mind as much as her body.I could fall in love quicky.I used to believe what drove me was a hunger to be close, to feel my skin on hers, to be held and loved and accepted.When I was married I wanted to believe I was ok, that my wifes inability to come wasnt a result of something I wasnt doing.The funny thing is - my wife is the only woman I had anal sex with.We went through a phase for several months when we did it often and then suddenly it stopped around the same time all sex stopped except for the occasional session.I tried it with others- several made me stop because it hurt, I also missed opportunites I feel would have resulted in exploring that further.I have had anal play,stuck my fingers inside , been explored with a finger, and various plugs.Not sure I am very anal but think I could dig anal sex with a woman if given the chance.I have been fortunate in my life to experience some incredible blow jobs( and sadly some painful,teeth scraping on my shaft hurters).I have been with women who swallow which turns me on.I have been able to introduce several women to their first orgasm which makes me happy.I have never had a woman who was into all three inputs.I have never experienced the "holy grail" of male fantasy - me and two women.I could have once but paying for it wasnt the way I wanted to do it.I would consider a Male, male and female with a lover but wouldnt want to explore anything with the male( I am 100% hetero).I would like to try a swingers party or an orgy just to try it. i would like to try an "Eyes Wide Open" relationship where a lover and I would jump off the deck of comfortable into the world of daring sexuality but am cautious due to the unknown.I have played with light bondage and discipline and am scared of that.I always wanted to be with a nubian queen, an oriental woman and women from other countires to speak the international language of love.Woody Allen said it best.When asked..is sex dirty? He replied only if it is done right.I have been fortunate to have done it right and want to keep doing it until I cant.Havent tried Viagra but maybe that stuff can keep the little guy alive a few more years longer if I get to live that long!

tillerbabe 55F

9/20/2005 10:59 am

I had a friend try "Viagra" on me, he didn't really need it, ( I don't think)...but he wanted to try.
Can u say "Rebar"? And "Really sore the next day", (both of us.....)

TomE - sounds to me like you're a pretty amazing dude....and the women that encounter you have much to look forward to.{=}

KittieKatPlay 37F

9/20/2005 3:12 pm

Hey TomE

Question first: since you have been in your fourty have to had the pleasure of being with a much younger woman. Reason I asked is because I had a pretty casual relationship with a man that was 46. He was recently divorced and felt pretty much the same as you. But something about the fact that I 22 at the time was this young thang doing everything he always wanted. Made that dick stand at attention every single time. He lasted much longer with me then his wife which was 43. I know this because she told me after requesting a threesome with the two of them. She was so amazed at the monster I brought out of him she wanted him back. Too bad for her though because he only dates girls my age now. He too was a romantic and I loved every inch of him. That girl that knows how to be good to your dick is out there and pretty soon you will be going all night again.

Huges and Kisses

digdug41 49M

9/20/2005 7:15 pm

hey tom I read your blog pretty cool man the fem fatale's should come out of the wood work if they read it see ya round in blogland

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