Winter Blossom  

Tom69plus 56M
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5/9/2006 10:19 am
Winter Blossom

As winter blossom her hair adorns

A naked nape to steal a kiss

Head falling way again to kiss

Behind her purled ear the lip touch moves

Aflame hard feeling elsewhere moves as the mouth round ear ventures

Tong tip ear lobe he greets with dewy senses

A little bite

Then parting lips embrace soft lobe completely

Her head now in his handed rest as hand he slides across her breast

But twill not stop this time to linger

As his heat is this wise stronger

His hardness then on thigh is lodged

His finger quickly parts her lips

Flowing softness now abounds as quick she turns

And with a swoon quickly takes his hardness deep in her womb

Her hand freely holds his flanked thigh

As her finger rudely searches

With quiet yeses she calls him on as finger deep inside him guides

Both they move as quickened silk

Then she groans and he seeds his milk

As both they come with red hot passion

Love subsiding calm prevails

As in afterglow both freely gaze

Eye to eye they love and yes hypnotised yes she says

Then in embrace to recover….

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