Tea Party  

Tom69plus 56M
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5/9/2006 10:23 am
Tea Party

He lay quiet after I we had shared a reviving cup of tea.

My hand mover down across his chest and stomach.

Through his hair I found his life and began to explore his maleness.

Soon he came to life as I awoke his resting member.

With deft fingers i explored him his thighs his arse

Tickling awoke his resting member

Growing harder I contrasted sensually the hardness and the dangling betwixed thigh softness of his scrotum

Feeling a little rude I tickled his hole

He stood hard

I moved over and bent to take him in my mouth

My hand moving down the shaft the foreskin moved back to reveal his glowing smooth round helmet

I licked and dribbled

His shaft was wet with my spittle

Holding I moved down over the roundness with my lips.

He stood tall and firm as I took all I could in my mouth

With the fullness of my hand spit slid up and down in and out of my lips tongue licking oh so good in my mouth

He stirred and seeing my privates at arms length he made mischief with his fingers

Wiping my wetness all round my privates

Lube lipped clit massaged fingers in around and out

We wetted each and with a single move I was above him astride

Holding his cock I slid my vagina over john Thomas all in

Oh god good god that’s so nice as I sat and moved to feel him all all so far inside

He held my arse and separated cheeks and lips firmly to expose my clit

He worked his fingers around my clit whilst taking the initiative thrusting in and out pulling my arse up and down

Oh he worked on me all inside and out oh oh oh

I choked and swooned …im comm….comm

He slowed and stopped right up inside

I stood on the verge as for a moment he held in and firm and still

Then moving again slow slowly faster quickly thrusting pulling and pushing my arse

Both were pushing expectantly then…

Ohhh… Ohhh.. shit

Im comm. Cmmm

We tremble and pant as he responds to my vaginal pulses with throbbing cock spurting thrusts…

We tremble and shake and squeal and swear as come we comme and we come..

I collapse in sublime sex satisfaction…..

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