Secret Forbidden Pub Sex  

Tom69plus 56M
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9/12/2005 5:03 pm

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Secret Forbidden Pub Sex

We went to the pub

She was hot and deeply in love

Finding secluded seating, I ordered drinks and returned to the snug

The pub was quiet

Hugging laughing joking, our hands explored

My hands reflected my hot wet hardness and moved secretly

She was wearing a lose fit low back dress

My hand explored her back

She moved closer

My fingers stroked up and down her back

Nobody could see my passion

She could feel it

Her hand found it in my lose fitting slacks

She worked my privates with her small deft hand

Shaft foreskin back head tip shiny swelling

My hand its fingers explored lower

Finding the place where her sweet buttocks stood apart

My fingers traced the warmness of her deep soft cleaved bottom

As I moved down she swooned and lifted her bottom to make her passion accessible to my rude finger

Moving down the vale I found her tight pouting anal

My finger explored outside

She groaned

Gently I slid my finger into the wet darkness of her forbidden entry

She groaned

Gently in and out I worked

Other fingers joined in now finding her soaked lipped vaginal softness

And her hard clit

She groaned

Nobody could see we thought, but could we care?

She had lifted one cheek so that all was free for my fingers to work

On her, in and out of her they worked

Her clit response was seismic

She groaned and shook

My hand was soaked with love juice

She came with choking stifled giggling groan ……

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