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How many of you out there enjoy playing drinking games? What kind of games do you play?
I'll tell you about our favorite drinking game, we call it catagories.

The object of the game is, well to get drunk, in fun ways.

You start out with a deck of normal playing cards, then take a piece of paper and write out catagories. For instance, a normal game for us looks like this:

2 - Give 2 drinks (to anyone at the table)
3 - take 3 drinks
4 - chicks drink
5 - sentence (you say a word, then the next person says your word and adds another word to make the sentence flow, if you mess up ya drink)
6 - dicks (guys) drink
7 - rhyme (say a word, next person rhymes with your word, if they can't or double up, DRINK!!)
8 - CATAGORIES!! (our favorite part of the game. Pick a subject like.. "Periodic Table of Elements" say something from that subject. Play passes like the others, remember, if you can't or you double up...drink)
9 - moose master (at any point during the game, put your hands on your head like moose horns. The last person to follow suit drinks)
10 - Truth/Dare (you can add strip to this one as an option or as a dare.)
J - Waterfall (a bad thing to be at the end of if you're a light weight. You start drinking, after you start, everybody else starts. When you're done, then it's up to the next person to decide when they're done, and on and on. You cannot put your drink down unless it's empty till the person ahead of you is done so have a spare ready before each waterfall.)
Q - Rule (make up a rule, like "if you draw an odd card, you have to jump up and down for thirty seconds" whatever, have fun with it, that's what it's all about)
K - Social (Everybody toasts and drinks to being drunk)
A - All Hail the BEER BITCH (you get the drinks till the next ace is drawn)

AAh, I love that game, soo many fun drunken nights. Almost brings a tear to my eye.

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