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7/11/2005 3:02 pm

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Okay, I've got to say a little something about myself here.

I have some problems dealing with people who believe that they are better than anyone else. To be blunt, it gets under my skin and I RARELY just let it go.

I recently was looking at a post on one of the interest groups I've joined and it honestly pissed me off. The group is the "Younger Women for Older Men" group. Now, I have no problem with anyone of any (legal) age being involved in this group because no matter what age the man or the woman, there will always be someone to fit into the "related" category. It certainly seems to me that the person who created this interest group must have felt similar since she did NOT put any age limitations on who could join the group and there have been a number of men of all ages as members of the group.

Well, a couple of days ago, I was checking the boards for this group and found a post by a man who states that he is 69. Now, keep in mind, he is not a moderator for the group. He did not create this group. He is not an official representative of AdultFriendFinder. All of that considered, though, he had the nerve to put up a post stating unequivocably that "this site (yes, he says site, not group) is for men OVER 60 ONLY" and in his post he called anyone within the age groups of 30s to 50s "children" and said to go "play in the sandbox."

So, yeah, I kept with my own attitude and called him on it. I posted that, since it's NOT his group to make that decision about and since the one who created and moderated the group didn't seem to have a problem with it, he should quit trying to tell everyone else what to do. I offered the idea that, if he really wants a group that is age restricted, he certainly has the opportunity to create one himself and set those restrictions.

His only response, a couple of days later? "If you guys have a problem with what I've said, too bad" and he goes along to repeat himself in saying that we don't belong there because HE doesn't think we do.

Apparently, there was one other person who didn't have a problem with his post, but even she states that her reason was that she "felt the post was made 'tongue in cheek' and not serious" This person, in a later post, basically told me that I was in the wrong and had overreacted, and that I was the one being insulting. I wonder if she still feels that way after seeing the guy's latest post where he comes out again and makes it clear that he's serious about the fact that "we" (any guys under the age of 60) don't belong.

Anyway, I just felt a need to blow off a little bit of steam, and since this IS my blog, I get to do that here. *LOL* I'd also be curious to know what others might think of something like this?

rm_jbunny1984 32F

7/12/2005 11:50 am

Hi - You may have noticed my posting in total support of your position ... I got an email today from Billma00 - apologising to me for any offence he may have caused. I just wondered if he apologised to anyone else ... or was that a ploy to get on my 20year old 'good side' LOL. I'm actually not renweing my membership to this site, for personal reasons (ends friday), but I hope that you and everyone (who's not a narrowminded bigot - sorry - I'm bigotted about bigots!!! LOL!) especially in the YW4OM group have fun and ultimately find what you are looking for.
Luv, J bun xxx

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