Me and Daphne, my first with a girl  

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8/27/2005 11:56 pm

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Me and Daphne, my first with a girl

The hottest sexual experience I ever had, was with a horny 22 year old. A friend left on a business trip and said, if her other friend could not make it, I could go feed the cats. One day while driving near the house, I decided to check in, I used my key to get in, and as I shut the door, heard some muffled moaning. I crept quietly, thinking someone had broke in, but the sight I saw was erotic indeed. Daphne, laying on the bed naked, was rubbing herself, as she watched people fucking on a dvd. Watching for a few minutes, I realized how pretty she was, he body was long slim, with large titties. My hand slid down between my legs, until I figured this could be nice.

I walked into the room, and she grabbed covers, and looked embarrased. Oh no I said, let me help you. Knowing she was still hot from her fingering, I put two fingers against her cunt, and rubbed gently. Then pressed my whole hand, up and down against her cunt. She ooohed and awwed, oh it feels so good, she cried. I moved her down to the edge of the bed, and began caressing her titties, while pressing my aching cunt against hers, my breath came hard, as I watched her slam her cunt on mine, moaning. We were both soaked, between our legs, I couldn't resist, pushing my finger slowly into her wet hole, she immediately convulsed into a loud orgasm. I kissed her passionately, while caressing her body. Oh please don't stop, she begged, she said she had a boyfriend, but he never satisfied her, and she had to come home and masturbate, to relieve her sexual tension. This is what she needed she said, and kissed me, while rubbing between my legs, I moaned with pleassure, while she fingered me, and I teased her titties, while she was getting me off. I told her to lay on her belly and cross her legs tightly, and press them together, while I lay on top, of her back, and press my horny cunt, all over her cute ass, I came loudly, we kissed, mastubated each other, and fucked all night. We were finally exausted. Since she was a college student, I never saw her again, but everytime I think of her beautiful body, arched in orgasm, I have to slip my hand, between my legs........I'd love to see her again. Beautiful, horny and loving, I long to have sex with her again!

latinbear34 46M

9/1/2005 10:18 am

wow. if this truly did happen to you then i am happy for you. but did you realize that your writing style as you recapped you experience had me breathing a little heavier. You should try your hand at writing aa few erotic short stories. You captured the passion of the moment completely. If you ever do see her again - please do tell.

Tinkerbell207 55F

9/21/2005 8:57 pm

Thanks latinbear, yes, I have always liked to write, thanks for the compliment.

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