American women  

Timidlyunique 48M
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8/16/2005 9:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

American women

I have chatted with quiet a few people tonight but none from the local area, in fact only a couple from Australia where I live.
A lot of regular friends from America and Canada were very eager to chat, laugh and have fun. Why is this? Is it because of the time of day I am on line or is it just they are nice people.
What does this say about Australian verse American and Canadian Women. I am very patriotic so I would always say Aussie women were the ultimate in every respect but..........................
I guess I will have to keep trying to analyse this situation!!!!

slightlyjadedone 50F

8/24/2005 8:57 pm

Well Tim it is because we are just ....the total package day and night it doesnt matter when you reach out to touch us....we are just happy to make you smile ...laugh....or...better yet scream out our names...depends upon mood...*winks* yes you do need to analyse this more...

rm_Balanon2 48M
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8/24/2005 9:57 pm

Well, in my visit to Australia I found the women there WAY WAY WAY more friendly and kind than the average American woman. Canadian women are somewhere in between, but more like American than Australian women. So, I think it really comes down to familiarity. Women like the exotic and the less like the local men you are the better the reaction.

And now that I’ve totally ruined my chances here… you got a spot I can crash at while this blows over?

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