bend over and spread'em  

Tigress1010 41F
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12/13/2005 9:38 pm

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4/8/2006 12:10 am

bend over and spread'em

Can u believe the nerve of some people. I go into an adult video store to grab a porn to watch in my hotel room. The clerk is this 22 yr old black man, looked like he was in college as he had a bunch of text books out.

i was standing at the rack reading the backs of the flicks when all of a sudden I felt this raging hard cock on my lower back. All of a sudden two fingers make their way up my long skirt and feel for my panties.... of course I don't wear any so it's pretty easy access. As he outlines my clit with his thumb he pushes his two fingers up my hole. I can't really move as he has me pinned by his hold from behind so when he's finished fingering my pussy he pulls down my skirt and tells me to lift my leg so he can take it off completely. Then he pushes me over one of the lower shelves and shoves his rock into me so hard I let out a yell..... of course after a couple thrusts my pussy was drippin wet. He keeps pushing my shoulders down and telling me to spread my pussy wider..... I have to admit that was the biggest dick this pussy has fucked in a long time.. All of a sudden I heard the front door open, I asked him why he didn't lock it and he said he couldn't shut the store or his boss would know he'd been fucking in the store. He told me to stay where I was and he would get rid of the customer. Of course the customer walked right over to the side of the isle my pussy was hanging over and before I knew where he was he had shoved three of his fingers into my hole and was rocking it.

To Be Continued....

rm_RRR992 48M
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12/15/2005 8:28 pm

when are we going to hook up aleady??

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