Scene 6 continued.....  

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12/10/2005 11:53 pm

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Scene 6 continued.....

But just as I suspected.... Almost every single man there had to poke my pussy at least a couple times before they let me off that dance floor. I just stayed bent over that railing, never seeing a face to go with each dick that lined up to pump this pussy. Some of those cocks were long and slender, allowing me to tighten my pussy walls around it and suck the cum out of it. Others we just as long but THICK.... I could feel my pussy stretching to the max as soon as the head touched my hole. I still can't believe that my pussy was able to take it all but somehow they managed to get is shoved all the way in every time. A couple of the cocks were tiny so I had to do alot of the work with my pussy muscles just to keep that hole wet b/c i could barely feel their cock after being fucked by 10 or 15 other long hard cocks. Those were the only dicks I insisted on riding as then I could grind that pussy on to it for the deepest penetration possible. After all the men had their turn at blowin their load in or on my pussy I made every one of them take another turn but instead of pokin me with their cock I told them to finger fuck me until I beg them each to stop. And that is just what they all did. By the time the last guy was up for his 10 mins of fame with my pussy there was a small pool of pussy juice on the floor right under me. This poor guy had to shove all four fingers inside me as my hole was so big he could tell I didnt even know he was fingering me when he only used two. By the time I finished my last orgasm the "ugly lights" came on inside the club. Of course my pussy was still fully exposed so even more of the patrons now figured out what had been happening along that railing in the dark. There was such a long train of cocks,fingers, and tongues waiting to get their turn that hundreds of people were walking by all night and never had a clue that I was standing on the other side of that line bent over a railing getting rammed for the last hour and a half.

Needless to say I didn't have any problems getting a ride home that night.....

Stay tuned for..... "Payment for the ride home"

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