Scene 6  

Tigress1010 41F
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12/10/2005 2:21 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Scene 6

Go home alone...what was I thinking. When I go out to get man can refuse this pussy. That's why I don't believe in panties. If you ever need to use that pussy on a man it is much more accessible when you don't have any panties on.

I wasn't up on that speaker 20mins and I had two PHAT fingers pushed up my pussy while on stage for everyone to see.. I couldn't even tell which guy it was as there were so many surrounding me as I stood at the edge of the speaker wiggling my hips in exctasy while those two strange fingers continued to fuck my hole. Being finger fucked by a stranger in a crowd, when you can't evven be sure whose fingers they are really helps you to focus on the action of those fingers sliding in and out of that sweet pussy.

By now my pussy is huge..and hangin down past the bottom of my skirt, for everyone to see. I finally realize how hot and wet my pussy was and I realized almost every man on the dance floor by now has had a glimpse of this pussy.

I climb down from the speaker and try to make my way threw the crowd. GOOD LUCK!!! I must have had 20 different fingers shoved up my pussy as I tried to walk past certain men. Finally I gave in and I didn't keep walking as this one particular man pushed his THREE fingers up my hole as I was trying to walk by. Once I stopped moving he quickly grabbed me and bent me over the railing and started pounding my pussy with his fingers. Once he was able to pull his cock out of his pants he rammed it up my hole so hard I screamed. Screaming with each and every thrust, i realized this dick had to be a good ten inches and it was almost all the way inside my pussy. i immediatley began to get wet just thinking about it. by now my pussy was like a river, completely soaked!!!!!

By this point he had be pinned over this railing with my pussy completely exposed and vulnerable. I didn't even resist, I just let that pulsating pussy run it's course. When he finally let me up from the railing I noticed almost everyone had stopped dancing and was staring at me. I wasn't sure if they were shocked to see a bald pussy in public or just two people sexually consumed....either way I didn't care b/c my bald pussy felt soooooo good....

Stay be continued..

rm_RRR992 48M
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12/10/2005 1:10 pm

love the no panties for your beautiful pussy!

LovelyLadyLumpzz 40F

12/10/2005 5:29 pm

wow, thats a hot fucking story, can't wait to read more adventures of the BALD PUSSY.

Tigress1010 41F

12/11/2005 1:44 am

Love to feel my pussy bare as much as possible. that's why i love summer b/c i never have to wear them and my pussy is exposed almost daily wearing skirts....... Even when i'm drivin down the free way on my way to work I will often give myself a fingering in the summer.

AAntonino 60M  
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12/11/2005 3:17 am


I can only thnk of one pussy that makes me hotter than yours but the no panties... well amazing how us men spend 9 months trying to get out of a pussy and the rest of our lives trying to get back in.

Tigress1010 41F

12/11/2005 4:53 pm

Who's the first?????

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