Scene 4.....  

Tigress1010 41F
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12/9/2005 1:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Scene 4.....

I quickly got off the car, yanked my skirt down even though it was barely long enough to cover my panting pussy lips. Then went and found my car. I drove as fasst as I could off to the police station to tell of this act of violence, when something came over me and I drove right by the station until I pulled up into my drivve way. I realized one of the men had kept the panties they tore from my pussy. Instantly my pussy lips began pant and the cum leaked from my hole. The thought of what had just happened to me totally excited me all over again. I quickly ran into the house so I could strip and fuck myself with my new vibrator. As I grabbed my vibe I realized I still had the benwa balls inside my pussy. They were buried so deep I forgot they were even there. I guess that explains my leaky I never did get any dick from those guys so I quickly shoved my vibe instide my pussy but I didn't turn the power on right away. I just pounded those two balls back and is that amazing.... My pussy was so big after a minute or two I swear I could have fit a football in there (not that I tried...hehehe) I knew that lonely vibrator wasn't going to fully satisfy this pussy so I searched around for an additional prop which I ccould use to penetrate this pussy.... Low and behold I came across the perfect item. A thin, glass probe. OH MY GOD..... I thought I had gone to heaven. It slides in and out so smoothly but just tickling the side of your pussy..... To Be continued

AAntonino 60M  
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12/11/2005 2:59 am

Now what was that quote about people and glass and stone Ohh Yess... "People with glass rods should not get stoned."

Mmmm my tigress come and use my rod... it's not glass but it is thin too?

Tigress1010 41F

12/13/2005 8:13 pm

I would love to climb your rod. Grrrrrrrrrrr.....

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