Overwhelmed apologies.....  

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5/31/2005 7:44 am

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Overwhelmed apologies.....

Wow !!
I have been totally overwhelmed by the amount of messages and invites that have come in ( and just a bit flattered too of course) - but I wont be able to reply to them all even if i sat up all nite for the next 2 weeks!

What I am trying to do is to reply in person to those people who have made more of an effort by saying something imteresting in the invite or in the message (rather than just enclosing a picture, or worse still, nothing at all!)

SO pleeeez pleeez don't be upset (especially if you one of the many who did make an effort), if i dont reply in person just yet - its just not physically possible at the moment.

And if you are someone who just invited me with no pic or no real message, then probably i aint gonna bother either. Sorry. its a tough world.

But if you did make an effort - then thank you you very much - and please just keep an eye on my bloggi for the moment - which is the easiest way to get to everyone.

lots of love to you all
Tigerlily xxxxxxx

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