Singapore Romance  

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4/15/2005 10:27 pm

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Singapore Romance

It was a hot afternoon. I went over to the factory to take a look at my staff. It was there when I greeted everyone that my eyes roamed and met the eyes belong to that girl.

Her eyes seemed to talk and kept my eyes fixed on her. Her body indicated a big bust that will keep each of my hand full. When she smile, I cannot help but ignore all other things around me.

I was thinking that she is innocent about sex. Boy, was I wrong. She was not only more experienced but more adventurous than I can ever imagine.

Every time I was with her at work, I really wanted to keep her next to me. Though I cared a lot for her and would frequently sms her to ask about her. Her foul temper would never fail to interpret it as pestering.

Till to date, I doubt she really know how I feel and what I have done for her. When I was not able to have her love, I felt so depressed and even gave up my health for her. For that, I was hospitalised.

Call me crazy. Call me all kinds of names that you wish. I believe that when you love a person, you do so wholeheartedly. She is your universe.

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