A Short, Wet Journey Into Nell  

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1/10/2006 7:15 am

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A Short, Wet Journey Into Nell

Broken air conditioners on sultry, summer afternoons in Charleston are more than simply an annoyance. On this particular 90 degree day, Nell was quickly discovering that her ancient A.C, unit was refusing to pump out even a modicum of cool air; as such, Nell’s plans for a productive day of cleaning and cooking were, at this moment, taking a backseat to Nell’s new raison dete: figuring out how the hell to stay reasonably comfortable on the stifling humid, breezeless and hazy South Carolina afternoon.

Nell considered a cool bath. Not a terrible idea, though a lack of clean towels in the house frustrated Nell’s bathing gambit. As she wandered about in a state of abject discomfort, Nell noticed that her thighs, glistening with a dewy sweat, were gliding against one-another in a slippery friction. There was no turning back now.

Nell retreated to the bedroom where she reached behind her bed and brought for her bag of goodies (as she referred to them). Nell laid back on the bed and bent her head to the left. She could smell the sweetness of her underarms, further exacerbating the twinge that now intruded from below.

Nell was an average gal, of average height and weight. Sandy, blondish, wavy hair reached Nell’s shoulders. Today, Nell was adorned in a light sundress.

As she lay back on the bed, Nell pushed her damp panties to the side and began teasing her matted pubic mound. As if trying to primp and rejuvenate a fallen coiff, Nell tugged at her pussy with her right hand while keeping her panties off to one side with her left. Now with urgency, Nell’s index and middle finder dipped into her moistening hole. Upward she pulled as she began fucking herself with her fingers, rubbing her clit with the underside of her digits.

Nell closed her eyes and imagined the hand of her neighbor Mr. Harlon, an older gentile fellow from Charleston’s aristocratic caste, rubbing her cunt as he pushed his prick into her mouth. She thought about resisting his attack, and became even more turned-on by the thought of Harlon hold her wrists above her head while he finger-fucked her cunt and slid his cock down her throat.

Now Nell paused for a brief second to retrieve an ample, flesh-toned dildo from her bag of tricks: Nell did not slam the silicon gem into her soaked hole; she instead pushed the dildo into her mouth and throat, gagging on its length as her fantasy deepened. Now her clit began to throb, and waves of itchy pleasure, pulsing up from her twitching legs, signaled the commencement of a powerful cum. Nell pushed her panties further to the side and slipped a finger into her slick asshole. Rubbing her clit, Mr. Harlon’s cock choking her, his strong hands restraining her arms, Nell threw her head back and came in ecstatic, choking waves.

Nell spit the dildo from her mouth and tasted her wet fingers, licking her ass and pussy off of her hands. I guess a cool bath made sense now, despite the towel dearth.

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