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4/23/2006 2:33 pm

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And we're off!!!! So after basically crashing and burning last night, a good twelve hour sleep was what I needed. Thus today became a lazy, lie around the house day. Caught the hockey playoffs (Go Edmonton!!!), took a spin around AdultFriendFinder and generally did nothing. Nothing also equals sitting on my steps, enjoying the nice weather and drinking.

But I digress (which I seem to do quite often). With my large amount of free time, I decide to go through my list of people I wanted to contact and see what I could find. Sadly I found THREE accounts that were deactivated, deleted or I couldn't contact. That last one I was disappointed with, but understood completely. Though I think I could've gotten into some real fun with her.

The big news is I put out some feelers to a few of the women on my list. One supposedly lives ZERO miles away from me!!! I got a kick out of that. All of them would be fun to get to know...hopefully they'll all take the time to check out my profile as I checked them out.

Not as much fun as going to a bar or restaurant and initiating first contact, but it'll do.

And if I did email you, leave me a note or an email...

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