Defining Alternative Activities  

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4/29/2006 1:25 pm

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Defining Alternative Activities

I guess its not right to expect that many women share an interest in what are referred to as "alternative" activities. That expression covers a lot of ground, practices other than "vanilla" sex; could be threesomes, voyeurism, fascination with feet, "fill in the blank." Anything different.

However, I am referring specifically to BDSM or in the event that the acronym might scare you into thinking I am some kind of psychopath, let's call it "light bondage."

Yes, I admit, that tying a woman to the bed, placing a blindfold on her, and then teasing her and having my way with her excites me. I just can't believe that there aren't more women for whom this wouldn't constitute an erotic encounter.

Think of it ladies, you are the center of attention, the receiver of pleasure, the seat of sensation, the object of my affection...

Have you ever fantasized about being someone's captive, forced to perform sexual acts, used as a sex-toy? That is the heart of BDSM.

Imagine having to "endure" having your breasts and nipples tickled with a feather, stroked with silk a scarf, gently rubbed and pinched as you sit tied to a chair, helpless, blindfolded. That is BDSM.

Does the idea of being a man's "sex slave" make you hot? Having to do as he bids you, performing in any manner that gives him pleasure, unable to say no...That is BDSM.

On the more intense side, maybe you need to be "punished" for your "misdeeds"; chastised, spanked, derided, or slapped. That is BDSM.

Perhaps there are fantasies that you would like to act on but would prefer to be "forced" to do, relieving you of the "responsibility" of your actions; a threesome, sex in public, sex with a stranger or multiple strangers. That is BDSM, as well.

Like it just a little on the rough side? Hair pulling, being pushed around, talked dirty to, forcefully have sex...That's BDSM, too.

Point is, BDSM, bondage, etc. covers a lot of territory from the very tame to the more wild. Is there a place in it for you?

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