Happy Independance Day!  

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7/4/2005 8:49 pm

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Happy Independance Day!

I celebrated July 4th in a pretty ironic way, or maybe a little representative of what the holiday is kind of about. America declared independance from Great Britain... I declare it from my wife. I worked on my divorce paperwork. It's sad and ridiculous how much easier it is to get married than it is to get divorced.

On one hand, I'm happy to be on my own again, but on the other, I still miss the old life I had, and the one I thought the future held. I miss waking up to my wife, I miss my wife's cats, and I miss my cat who passed away right before I proposed. Sometimes I feel like I've lost more than I've gained lately, and it's futile to look for meaning in things right now. I wake up every morning to an empty house now, so I make an extra effort to not be here. Loneliness is almost unescapable even though I surround myself with loved ones. Fortunately, or is that unfortunately, I've been here before and know it passes in time.

How's that for dramatic!

It's hard to stay sad or depressed when you look around and see so much worse in the world. I enjoyed watching the Live8 concert footage because it reminded me of peoples' compassion. I have to admit, I'm guilty of wearing the white wristband not just because I want to raise awareness about extreme poverty, but it keeps me from getting depressed about my own situation. In the grand scheme of things, divorce is minute in what life throws at us.

So on a lighter note, I installed the cold air intake system on my Trailblazer. It took about an hour to install, and it ran like a champ. Gave it a little growl, some extra boost in the mid to higher RPMs, and as an added bonus, an extra MPG in fuel economy. OPEC can thank me later! My Trailblazer was happy. In the growls it said to me, "Dude! I forgot I had a set, thanks for helping me regain some of my manhood."

I ordered the wrong throttle body spacer. I mistakingly ordered the one for the 8 cylinder engine from the EXT, not the 6. I'll exchange it, and that'll just be a project for another weekend.

Happy 4th, bloggers!

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