A rainy saturday  

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7/9/2005 10:35 am

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A rainy saturday

Actually, it's pretty nice outside, but in my heart it's rainy. Frickin' depression blows. I'm just killing my Saturday until I have to go into work tonight.

I just read the news about the results of the G8 summit, and it was a little saddening. I can't help feel like some of the lack of aid is a result of terrorism. Not just from the recent bombings in London, but the whole situation that the world was thrust into. The sad thing is, it's the way the world has always been, but it's nice to think sometimes we can make a difference. The upside to the recent situation is that the leaders of the most powerful countries agreed to record numbers for aid to Africa. It just wasn't close to the goal Live8 and One set out to accomplish.

Check out "one dot org" if you have some free time. They link to various other news sites so you don't have to feel like you're doing a research project. There is no charity, unless you consider your tax dollars charity. It's just about raising awareness. Leave your cynicism behind.

If you can believe it, I'm actually a conservative

I'm sitting here listening to Coldplay. I love the band, but, man, are they depressing. I know it too, but I can't stop listening. It reminds me of a lot of the times I shared with my wife. I hate that and like it at the same time. It gives the music more meaning. Our ceremony ended with one of their songs. Daggers to the heart...fantastic! I've got pairs of tickets to see them in two separate concerts. I'd like to find a nice girl to go with, but I might just have to fly solo.

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