Fantasy ***Poem***  

ThickBlkMeat621 35M
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4/29/2006 12:00 am
Fantasy ***Poem***

I look at your lips and wonder how they would feel pressed against mine
I look at your eyes and wonder what’s going on in your mind
I think of running my fingers through your hair
Placing wet kisses here and there
Now feeling the excitement of this sexual high
Feeling your nipples rub against my chest
So I decide to pay closer attention to your soft tender breast
I wonder how it would feel to have your lips wrapped around my love
But not wanting to spill my love where it can not be kept
So I spread your legs apart patiently wanting to take the next step
Slid all my love into you
Feeling like I’m in heaven while it moves inside of you
Loving the sounds of your moans
While just the thought of you causes me to groan
My love stiffens and quivers inside your body
Making me repeat your name loudly
I release my love and it fills you up inside
And I've spread you out wide,
I know as strange as this may seem
But I don’t want to kiss those lips this time, cause then I may wake up from this dream

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