To be a fake or flake or NOT  

TheonlyLovebone 45M
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12/20/2005 4:26 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

To be a fake or flake or NOT

Prudes should Dig a hole and bury themselves in it ! Anyone out There that might know the answer to this enlighten me, If women Are Larger Freaks then the Men And Women also Out-number the men 3 to 1 why is no mater what time of day or night you are subject to find more sausage parties then Taco bars. What the fuck

Iwantitbig4me 47F

1/1/2006 6:45 pm

I will give it a shot...Because women are more picky than most men. Before you bash what I say, remember it is only my opinion. However it could also go the other way, that women tend to "type" what they want but are afraid to go get it. If you understand what I am saying. Men are quicker to suggest a meeting, quicker to make it happen but what they don't understand is they are dealing with women who want certain things, but are afraid to cross that line to get it. Plus, women tend to let the emotional side of the meeting take over the experience. Most men are on here to get fucked, women tend to think that is what they are here to do but because they allow certain things to get in the way, they can not allow themselves to have that free will. There feelings jump in the way of the act. Thus not allowing them to experince that free will that men have always had. Does this make sense???? So you have many men out there waiting for the chance with everyone seeing them waiting but the women are on the side lines, waiting in the shadows...Afraid to lay it out there for all to see.... Of course this does not describe me but you wanted an answer and maybe none of this made since, but I tried to help you out.

TheonlyLovebone 45M
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1/2/2006 8:46 pm

In refference to The Comment from Iwantitbig4me
Yes I do understand when you say most women or lets say over half of the female population would rather stand in the shadows rather then make the first move and that most women would rather type us and continue to fool no one with their false intentions, it's just a way to show some signs of a control issue for dominence on a female's behalf, But hey Im not bashing women I have a daughter myself Here goes nothing: Even if 75% prefer the shadows then where is the other 25% of you? And one more thing since Im cast into the light to compromise my soul and integrity , Turn you audio on ladies, more of you stand up from the shadows , last but not least Pay attention to the little guys like me so we can get to the point cut to the chase, cause thats why we joined this site anyway fuck me damn it

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