Almost ejaculated in my truck...  

Theguy029 40M
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3/19/2006 12:59 am
Almost ejaculated in my truck...

What a weird night. Went with some friends to Jillian's in downtown Seattle. The thing with going to a pool hall is that that when you are looking around you can't help but see people bending over to shoot the ball. You may see their ass or in some cases (the ones I like) see down their blouse. I know high schoolish, but hell the boobs are there I may try to sneak a peak.

So it was towards the end of the night and there was this great looking woman, tight black pants and an obvious boob job. Still hot though, but obvious. Any ways i was driving home, by myself and was thinking of her. Here is a tip for you if you want to play with yourself in the car and don't want people to see, make sure you have a truck like me and drive on the right side. No one can see your lap if they pass on the left.

So I was driving home and thinking of there great breast that were almost popping out of their shirt. I could then feel my cock trying to pop out of my pants. I reached down and adjusted my penis to make it strait in my pants and the head of my cock popped out of the top of my boxers. I brushed my finger over the top of my penis and felt a little bit of precum on my penis. So I did what I had to do and rub it into the head of my cock. It felt sooooo good. I then unbuttoned my pants and reached under my boxers. I could feel how hard my shaft was. I started to rub it up and down, over and over again. I felt that if I kept going I would cum all over my stomach. It felt so good to be sitting in my truck, holding my cock thinking about another beautiful woman sucking or jerking my off as I drive. I almost cam right there.

Fortunately I was able to make it back to my house. I went up to my shower, got it nice and hot and jumped in. I always like walking around with a huge stiffy. I can feel my cock bounce as I walk. I jumped in the shower, cock still hard, grabbed the soap and started masturbating as fast as I could.. It only took about 15 minutes to start to shoot my cum all over the shower wall. My knees were so week, and My arm was so tiered from all the constant jerking. I could see the hot stick mass of cum run down the shower wall and into the drain. I so with hat girl had been there to swallow all that cum for me. It was a good night of playing with myself.

By the way about yesterdays blog, I didn't do any of the above. Got a call from a friend and when to Kell's to stand in line for ever before drinking some Guinness.

Sunday, wish me luck, I am climbing all the flights of the Columbia tower. 69 flights. He he... I should be dead and in need of a massage Sunday night. we will see how it goes.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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