A Teenager's view of damsels!(or at least mine)  

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3/29/2006 11:18 am
A Teenager's view of damsels!(or at least mine)

First post in this one day wonderful blog. For today, I'm wondering on the concept of Irony, more specifically the concept of what I'vegot myself to call "THE WEBCAM IRONY PHENOMENON"

It's of common knowledge that we, teenage boys, are perverted persons, our minds thinking about sex 99% of the time, the other 1% being when we're actually having sex, trying to make it last. But I discovered recently that womens actually are just...treacherous about their sexual urges. Let me explain myself before you start calling me a Macho or what ever.

The couple of people I got to meet on this marvelous site, all damsels(for those wondering), have always seemed delighted to learn I had in my possession a high quality webcam. Hey I got it for free(thanks to the guy who dropped it outside the FutureShop in Montreal for it so I won't complain. But the point is, those damsels actually got a bit frustrated about the fact I just didn't feel like showing my naked frame to them. Does having a webcam immediately means you're into exhibitionnism? And now the fun part is! When asked for reciprocity of the act, they're the first to run away! Happy happy joy joy! Is there something I don't understand about human females?

Strange...yes quite strange it is. Well if anyone ever reads this, please tell me what you think!

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