Do you remember...?  

The_Wraith_1969 47M
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12/18/2005 11:39 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Do you remember...?

Do you remember your first Christmas? Probably not, then we were almost all too young.

Do you remember the magic that seemed to fill the air?

Do you remember how your parents would give you a catalog weeks in advance so that you could look for presents that you would never get?

Do you remeber how Christmas smelled of Cinnamon candles, Gingerbread and fresh baked Christmas cookies at Grandmas house?

Do you remember how much fun it was to decorate the Christmas tree, listening to Bing Crosby singing White Christmas?

Do you remember questioning your parents how Santa is going to come when there is no snow outside, or how he will get in if you have no fireplace?

Do you remember sneaking up in the middle of the night to peak in and see all the presents under the tree?

Now that you are older, do you remember when the last time was that that same magic you felt as a child, filled your heart as a parent during the Holiday season?

I remember. I am reminded of it every year when i look into my daughters eyes. On the years that her mother denied me the right to see her, I would stare into her pictures and cry, hoping, praying that she was having a good time.

I remember how happy I was the day she was born. How she only had her head out and opened her eyes and "looked" right at me, how I was so much in love with her. That same magic I felt as a child came alive again that day, after all those years.

I want nothing for Christmas. not one gift, not even a firendly word. The ONLY thing I wish for, is for my baby girl to be happy, and that we may soon be together again.

So, aside from all the material things that posess our society today, aside from all the wants for needless things, what is it that you REALLY wish for? If you could have just one wish come true, what would it be?

freetime648 52F

12/19/2005 12:31 am

Yo mama's so fat ...when she sat on a rainbow...Skittles popped out!

Yo mama's so fat the Kool-Aid man says "Hey Kool-Aid" to her!

Yo mama's so fat when she wears yellow...Everyone hollers "Hey Taxi!"

Yo mama's so dumb...if leather were brains she could not saddle a flea!

Ok, ok, I am done now........hope you are feeling better by the way!

xx FREETIME648 xx

The_Wraith_1969 47M

12/19/2005 2:24 am

freetime648 What ever are you talking about? Just kidding, I put in the wrong post and had to go back and change it. Sorry 'bout that sweety!

MaggiesWishes 60F

12/20/2005 2:26 am

One wish ... simple.
I wish for my daughter to be happy, no matter what, just her happiness is all I've ever wanted.

<~~ puts in special wish for Wraith in her "wish chest".

The_Wraith_1969 47M

12/20/2005 3:37 am

Thanks Maggie. You are truley a remarkable woman.

The_Wraith_1969 47M

12/20/2005 9:24 pm

SensuallyKateyThanks Kate! That is DFN8LY a good one!

(Princess Lips)

12/21/2005 8:04 am

I wish for health and happiness for all my friends and family...


The_Wraith_1969 47M

12/21/2005 9:14 pm

redlipsprincessThanks red. I ditto that!

demonicsexkitten 41F
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12/22/2005 2:38 am

My earliest christmas memory... i was 5 or 6, and totally depressed because I was sick, stuck either in bed or on the couch. i remember having alcohol baths. And my mom came to get me for Xmas (parents divorced), and i wanted to be with her more than anything, but i couldn't. She visited a while then had to leave without me. I remember i got a little artist set with colored pens, pencils, crayons, etc. that year.

My xmas wish... Peace, health, happiness for all.

The_Wraith_1969 47M

12/22/2005 7:47 am

I am with you on that wish sweetheart!

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