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12/24/2005 12:26 am

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There is a moment in a smoker’s life when they realize that there will never be a “SMOKING PROVED TO BE HEALTHY WHILE EXERCISE AND VEGETABLES KILL” headline in the morning’s newspaper. The habit they love so much will never be approved and that means that if they want to gain some respect from the opponent (that is the non-smokers, the ones that look at you with a judgemental expression on their face when you light one of those little life saviours), then they have to try to quit. That way they can say “Well, at least I tried”. I still haven’t reached that point in my life. I am not planning to quit any time soon. I love smoking; I have loved it from the very first drag, otherwise I wouldn’t have continued with it. But I have made a pact with myself that I will definitely quit when I reach the age of 25, because I have the idea that this is the age when things begin to get tricky.

Today, however, will be a day of torture: I have to travel by airplane and to make it worse, it is a non-straight flight. That is 2 hours waiting (because there are hardly smoking sections at the airport), 3 and a half hours flying, 1 hour waiting again and 40 minutes of more flying. That is about 7 cigarette-less hours. But this time I planned ahead. I thought that I can have some of the nicotine gums in my bag for the crisis moments.

So yesterday, I walked into the pharmacist, I picked out the cheapest gums (Nicorette 2mg), I walked towards the register and gave the €8 needed to a girl who had a pitiful look on her face (she must have been a smoker trying to quit as well). I walked out and then my curiosity took over: I tried one of the gums. And I immediately wished I had bought the patches instead. The taste is horrible (even though they are supposed to be mint flavoured) and it feels like when you are smoking a cigarette while having a sore throat. But that is the best part. The worst part comes afterwards when you get all nauseous and panic because you can’t find a garbage can to throw it away.

I started wondering if the nicotine gums would really help if I was planning to quit seriously. My conclusion is that they probably would. You cannot think of cigarettes the moment you are chewing the gum and when you are not chewing, you are too occupied with puking your guts out. What I nice present I got for myself this Christmas. Happy holidays everyone, see you in 2 weeks!

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2/4/2006 7:57 am

This post made me laugh as i'm sat here with my cigs and a pkt of nicotine gum.i'm trying to quit and so far so good,cutting back nicely ,i did try cold turkey but like you said that gum is foul it makes smoking look and taste good,

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