New year, new blog entry  

The_Succubus 31F
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1/15/2006 11:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

New year, new blog entry

With the new year having started, I felt like I should try to achieve something, like normal people do. I could try and find love or I could try to kick all my irritating habits. I have a serious ring-playing habit; I constantly play with my rings: when I am bored, when I am anxious, when I am thinking...or when I just want to annoy people around me. Or I could stop moving my feet when I'm in bed. I don't know why I do that but it always annoys people sleeping over. However, I decided that all these annoying habits make me who I am and since I am usually an adorable person I won't put my oh so great existense into danger. Especially since I had a life threatening experience a week ago (a very bad and long earthquake).

But then again, you don't always have to change or pursue something with the changing of the year. You can also wish for something to happen. I decided to be bitchy this year. Apart from wishing health and happiness to the ones I love, I also wish very bad luck to the ones who hurt me. Don't get me wrong, I am a nice person, but it sucks when justice isn't arriving soon enough. So if there is even a small chance it might work, I will do it. My next step will probably be witchcraft and voodoo but let's give the 'changing of the year' wish a shot first.

Next I am wishing to find the perfect lover. It has been ages since I had a really good fuck. In fact, I start to think I have never been laid properly. I also seem to be unable to find someone who can go on...but really go on. Most men I have been with can only cum once and then it's nappy time. I seriously miss my first partner (16 at the time). Damn, he could go on. Nothing beats the lust of a teenager. When I think of my best fuck, it was probably with him, a night at the beach when he came 4 times, and only one was with intercourse. Me,myself, I never had an orgasm that night. Nor did I have the following years up to now. So that is why I will be looking for the perfect partner, I want to feel how it is to orgasm with a man coz only a vibrator can do the job for me.

Do you have any wishes for the new year? Or is there something you want to change/pursue? I am always open to new ideas since I want 2006 to be a productive year in all aspects.

calis1978 38M
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1/16/2006 6:13 am

Een gelukkig 2006...dat je mag vinden wat je zoekt/wenst

Mijn goede voornemen voor 2006...meer sporten.
M'n streven, eindelijk m'n papiertje in Delft halen, bedrijfje meer omzet/winst laten maken.

Hopelijk is die aardbeving voor jou en de mensen om je heen goed afgelopen, het lijkt me een hele enge ervaring

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