Having the last word  

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1/24/2006 11:42 am

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Having the last word

I think it is awesome how people always want to have the last word in a conversation or argument. Like today: I got a mail from a 31 year old "man" just asking me if I can send him a picture of me. Nothing else. I replied to him with a simple "No". What I got back was: "Then you are so ugly that you know that if you send a picture no one will reply". Feeling too bored to go into conversation with a 31 year old baby I replied: "Exactly, that is the reason".

I thought he would stop there but noooooo...He had to say his "punch line", which was: "I guess there are plenty of desperate men out there who don’t think appearance is important so there is still hope for you". God...I don’t have any comments on that, but I wrote him a long mail, made it clear to him why I rejected him. And he had blocked me. I bet that made him feel like a man, to say what he wanted without me ever being able to answer. The funniest thing is that on his profile he writes he likes conversations. As he likes a woman being able to carry one.

Meet user nico10004 ladies and gentlemen. The big baby of AdultFriendFinder.

massagekoning 44M

2/12/2006 6:41 am

my guess is that woman that aren't interested usually don't react at all or aren't specific enough in rejecting the guy.

the man is a hunter by nature and will only stop chasing if he either got his prey or is certain the prey is no longer a target/has escaped.
so to avoid a hassle like this in the future, just be more specific.
but whatever you do, never engage in a discussion for that will only give the guy the idea that he might still have a chance.

if a guy still keeps coming back after having being turned down in an unambiguous way that usually means the guy can't handle the slight sting of being rejected, that's pride fucking with him and yes, that's a bit childish

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