Late Night(er) Ramblings....  

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4/29/2005 3:43 am

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Late Night(er) Ramblings....

Or "Where's my other pair of pants."

It's a scary thought really. The thought that my coworker may in fact be right when he says that my computer is the reason I don't get to sleep at a decent hour. Sure enough, I was laying in bed at 4 this morning, wide awake when that little voice in my head said "Fifteen minutes online won't kill you. You'll be able to lay down again right after."

Of course...that was over an hour and a half ago....

So what are these "blog" things I keep hearing and reading about? Some sort of online diary? Journal! I meant Journal. Because I'm a man. And Journals are more........manly.

(Interlude: What does it say about me that I just spent the last 2 mintues proofreading my rambling thus far? Aren't ramblings rants and raves inheirently supposed to be disorganized and non-sensical?)

Of course, all questions of manliness (I know it's not a word) aside, I still find myself wondering why? Why in the bloody blue hell can't I ever fall asleep before sunrise? Well, if I stay up 20 hours or more I seem quite capable, but even when I wake up at 7:30 (that ungodly time of the morning) I still find myself awake at 4:30 the next morning. It can't be insomnia.

I'm to cool to have insomnia.

Is it some sort of subconscious vampire fixation? Or perhaps I merely drink to much soda during the day. If it is the soda thing then thank goodness I don't drink coffee. I'd never get to sleep and I hear going without REM sleep for too long can drive a person insane. Though at this point one has to wonder if anyone else would really notice.....

Actually....I think they would. What with all the drooling and what have you. But would I even bee a drooler? And why am I asking so many questions? It's not like I can answer them myself, and even if I could...or worse yet did....that would only go to further enforce the concept of me slowly descending into madness. Which is something I'd like to avoid.

Because when it comes down to it, I believe I'd much rather just snap suddenly and leave those around me baffled and confused as opposed to giving off early warning signs and leaving them saying "Well....I saw That One coming." Hah! And now I notice the "AdultFriendFinder Terms_of_Use" link. What could a website that charges people money in exchange for the possibility of hooking up with some slightly less than random stranger for sex possibly be against in their "blog" section? There's another question.

And I never did figure out what "Blog" means.

Of course, at this point three things come to mind.

1. This site could be against those bots that seems to permeate ever site of this nature and relentless spam chatrooms, messageboards, and I suppose by proxy "blogs" with advertisements to other sites that offer Penis Enlargement Pills and something called a "Fleshlight". (Google it if you really want to know).

2. Pedophillic comments, questions, and post could quite possibly fall under this banner of "Terms of Use", though incest appearently does not as one of the questions in the profile thingy ask about roleplaying fantisies and lists "Parent/Child" as one of the options.

And 3. Anyone still reading this thing at this point is either A. Me re-reading it looking for spelling and/or grammar mistakes and the like. (Oh look. NOW I see the Check Spelling button.) Or B. Someone who's been up even longer than I have.

Get some sleep.

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4/29/2005 5:41 am

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