Things I don't get. Religion and Polotics.  

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4/5/2005 2:42 pm

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Things I don't get. Religion and Polotics.

Well after rereading the last post. I was wondering were to go with it today. I was a bit bitchy and whiney. There's a reason for that. I like to call it the same thing everybody else here does. Odessa. Now I know that one place is about as good as any other. And really it's about your mindset and how your looking at it. Basically you can have fun where ever you are. If you want to change the world then change yourself. Various other motivational quips fit here as well. Why is it that if I know this I still find it hard to live in Odessa? Well because I live in a city of 100,000 people who seem really unmotivated with themselves and don't want too much in life. Or to go out to say the mall and while you are there your not checking out single women. No what your really looking at 9 times out of 10 is a single mother. I really don't get this. At all. So when you see things like this it's a bit hard to shift your perspective of things. Hard for me at least. Though I'm sure it can be done. I mean 100,000 other people seem content with life at the moment.

Odessa has had it's good points. Got into photography. Sort of found my avenue with art. Got motivated to get back into school. Do something with myself. In general to have a goal in life and be a productive member of society.

Because I want to leave.

Two years now. That's how long this has been happening. It feels like your being slowly bleed dry. It's so life less here. Just dirt and brown, flat, dry, hot, no life, stray cats and dogs count as wildlife here. And don't forget waterless. Rain is such a novel thing here that people look forward to it with much anticipation. Which is good water is a good thing. There's been a number of cultures that worship rain. They couldn't be too wrong. And we're working on the third year of this right now.

Well if Odessa is so horrid and foul where was it you came from that was SO much better? Well we both came here from Champaign,IL. Yes I know someone's thinking of making some sort of comment about Yankee's. Well I find that amusing. I don't get why people do it. It's like thery giving you a friendly insult in a way. All the while I'm thinking yes I know I'm from the winning side. Thank you very much. So we got transplanted here. Liz wanted to go into management with her company. They said ok sure you can be a manager, we have this store down there in west texas. So she took the job, we showed up. Now had we known a few things that we know now we may not of come here. One of these points that should have told us we wouldn't have much fun here was. That Midland our neighbor was the hometown for bush. Oh yeah this should be fun. Nothing like good old Republicans.
The only thing I don't understand more than a republican is a Gay Republican. Now I'm sure there are a good number of people that are happy in the party. I just don't see them poking one another and having an orgy. What then goes through their mind. How does one pull off being a gay republican? Yes I like to poke other men but I am also a rich greedy bastard too, and I like being that more. Is that what it takes to be a rich greedy bastard? And enjoy making people grab their ankles and giving it to them good and hard, regardless of gender?

Not that democrates are any better. They just make a little more sense to me at times. I don't understand how people can buy into that when a republican tells you. If you give him a dollar he'll hand you back twenty. Shit how can anyone believe that? But you have to hand it to them when thay have a scandle it's some fun interesting stuff. Let's see we just had Enron, then the S&L's, that whole hostage thing with Ollie North. What's the last thing to really happen with the democrates. Clinton and his getting a blowjob? Gee that's "Bad" remind me to feel guilty next time a chic is going down on me. What else did the democrates do that was as exciting?

Oh who wants to bet that once they figure out a way to let Arney run for president that good old Neil shows back up to be his V.P.? Anybody? They should have enough money to pay off the media and make a good run. Neil who? Who's that? Exactly, I'm sure not many people know or care.

You do have to give the repulicans this though. They know how to run the media. They have it down to an art form. It's really impressive to watch at times. The way they handle spin control and dig up something on the democrates. They're good at deflection. It also helps when you have a big interest in those company's but hey who notices that sort of thing.

Fox News

If that channel ever did become fair and balanced. I really would wake up to finding 20 women wanting a week long orgy with me.

So if you really want my honest opinion. I'm really embarassed at this point in my life as an american. We just showed the world that we are a very under educated and easily mislead people. That we really are that dumb. And here I am in the middle of a bunch of people who see nothing wrong in that.

I really have a hard time seeing things from that perspective. As a result it's really hard for me to find people I can relate too.

People ask us if we had culture shock when we first got here. Yes and no. It was more of a lack of culture shock really. Though Odessa now has the nations "second" best reproduction of Stonehenge. That should get us on some sort of map somewhere. Or a travel guide of sorts. Oddball Texas. It may get in there.

You know polotics isn't a very good subject to cover. Most people would think it's a bad idea. Some people consider it bad form. While others tell you not to get into that sort of thing at a bar. Where as what usually happened once this person had a few he would do what he had told you not to do. I'm kind of like that sort of person. Only really any more I really don't care. So this may be a bad topic for some. I like to think of it as a good thing. Good for the very same reasons people consider it bad.

For one when you talk about things like this. Things that other people are very likely to have strong opinions about. In a way it's like drawing a line on the ground. This seems to compell people to then attack your view point and defend their own. Or they will get what your saying and think your cool. Either way you find out real quick who you are going to get along with the most. And that's really what we all want people that you get along with.

Champaign was nice. A college town. Big 10 school and last I looked doing well this year in basketball. Ranked 5 I think in the country for engineering. Lots of students. People who are at least trying in some half assed maner to learn something. It also has the highest number of frats and sorrities. Which really isn't that good. The only good thing about it was watching the girls in the middle of february. It's fun watching a girl dumb enough to stand out side in a mini skirt and midriff. Especially when it's 20 or 30 degrees outside. Makes you wonder how people survive long enough to reproduce.

Champaign was nice. There were things to do. You could go to more bars than byob's. See bands play. Do stuff. Coffee shops. I miss the coffee shops. The sort that let local artist show their work. It makes it interesting and you can people watch. Champaign was good for me. It was nice for a bit. It isn't however wher I grew up. I only lived there for 5 years after high school. I had fun just didn't really acomplish much.

For those at home who are following along and have maps. Here is where we're at so far. Champaign is 2 hours south of Chicago on I-57 and I-70. My home town is a further 2 hours south on I-57 and highway 50. About an hour east of St. Louis. A little town called Salem. Yes I'm from one out of the 50. My hometown is about 3,000 people and it's in the middle of southern Illinois. Southern Illinois is rather interesting. Salem is interesting in it's own ways too. It's the birth place of Mirical Whip. Good stuff a sandwich isn't a sanwich without that tangy zip. The G.I. Bill of Rights was drafted there. Which is very cool. And William Jennings Bryan was born there. I don't have much to say about him. Overrated.

So Salem is this small southern IL. town. The people there had the same small dim unmotivated world view there as well. I didn't like that. Something told me I should really look for and get something out of life. I see the same sort of thing in Odessa. It gives me the same sickly feeling in my stomach that Salem did. I really didn't have in mind to move away from Salem only to move to a bigger version of it. It's disapointing.

That's why I like trees and wildlife and water. Thunder storms, tornado warnings. So if the people really wern't doing anything all that exciting. You always had nature to fall back on. And when your a young boy with a B.B. gun. Then nature takes on a whole new fun twist. Magically everything around you has little tagets all over them. Bullfrogs and snakes seemed to be my targets of choice.

When you grow up out in the country you learn to apreciate the country.

Everything has it's value the trick is being able to see it.

Growing up in Salem is also where I got exposed to religion. I don't get it either. I'm not really religious. I wouldn't say I was christian. Though my experience was with babtists. No what I would say is that yes I do believe there is a god. If we can agree on that point then good. That's all I need to know. The finer points in the manner don't really matter. I would classify myself as more along the lines of spiritual. I just do my own thing and worry about my own soul. That keeps my busy enough and really can't seem to find the time for an organized religion of any sort. Though a sex cult would be nice. If anybody knows of one to join or how to go about starting your own let me know.

It's getting sort of to the point where it might be a good idea to do what england did. Round up all the really loud outspoken annoying christians. Give them a really big boat. Point in a direction and say "That way to antartica. Have fun.". Only this time give them their independence when they ask for it. Unless the economy is doing badly and we're hoping a war might get us out of it. The porn industry might collapse but I'm willing to take the risk.

I'd have to say out of all the christian groups out there the mormons are the ones I like best. They still go with the good christian values of the wife being very subserviant and at home. Only the mormons kind of saw this as being a bit unfair and wrong. That's quite a bit of work to expect one woman to do after all. If you had more than one you could spread the work load out a bit. That and they kept to the chatholic tradition of no birth control. They no only reproduce like rabbits but are capable of produceing clans overnight. That's impressive in it's own way. It's a value system I'm willing to make compromise for in order to fit in. It could have it's perks.

Illinois was smart enough to kick them out of the state.

The "s" is silent by the way. I know it looks like it's plural when you read it. I am afraid to say that there really is only one. Like the highlander there can only be one.

The story of my eventual escape from Salem is a bit interesting. But where there now.


Major employers in the area. Factory's and the rail road. A couple of factory's have closed. There's still some around. Most are a 1/2 hour drive away. The rail road is good. It has it's perks. Steady job at any rate. Just not a steady schedual.

We did have a movie theater when I was growing up. The old school two screen jobs. Cost $1.50. Yeap it was third run baby. Then there's the skating rink. That really loses it's thrill sometime in juniour high. Not really shit for a high school kid to do. There really isn't much for a highschool kid to do. So your left to make your own entertainment. That's really not a bright idea. Bored highschool kids tend to do things adults would really rather them not do. The flip side seems that people like to forget most of that time in their life and not offer any sort of solution to this. I don't know most just want to loiter somewhere. That's really all I ever did in high school. I really enjoyed loitering. Adults don't like this much. It gives the kids a chance to figureout and plan to do something even more fun. Yes this can be bad. As it can lead to your daughter coming home knocked up. That wouldn't happen but you thought you didn't really need to cover that whole sex thing did you?

Nothing really in Salem if you want to go somewhere you needed to drive 20 or 30 mins somewhere. We had a Denney's. That was the only place really to hang out. That and the rest area. We were bored needed to mix it up a little. Besides the rest area had different coffee that was a little better. We have this parade each year for no real reason. Gives the locals something to do I guess.

Another striking feature of Salem is that there were no black people that lived there. Not that I really care one way or the other. But amazingly I would run into people who were rather racist and thought black people really weren't all that good. Now this strikes me as a bit odd. How can this person know what black people are like if they're never around any? That's the type of comunity it was. Odessa's really not like that but it does have this weird vibe and look about it.

High school sucked for me. It does will or has sucked for everybody. High school is not the end all be all of existance. For some people it is. That's why small towns exist. People grow up and die living in the same place. Being blissfully cut off from the world around them.

At times a labotomy sounds good.
It would make things easier.
That's for sure.

I was a big nerd in highschool. Into electronics, computers, some comics, role played a bit, into sci-fi. I was a big nerd. Still sort of am. I have a C64. And proud of it. A big star wars fan. I was a sad star wars fan. The sort of people that get into things a bit too much. I was one of those. It peaked when I had enough shirts to wear a different one each day of the week. It was bad. Into electronics a lot. Was planning on going into that after highschool. Took a couple of college classes in it. Then I switched suddenly to doing art. I guess I wanted a challenge at making a living. That happened when I was 21 not too long ago really. Turning 25 felt sort of odd to me. Just something about that age. I'm sure as I get older it'll just start feeling wierder.

That should about do it for today.

keithcancook 60M
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4/5/2005 5:58 pm

You write very well, especially for one so young.

mnfun952 102M

4/5/2005 7:10 pm

Well put. I love the comment about the porn industry suffering if we sent the 'uber christians' to antarctica

guttertramp2 62M
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4/6/2005 11:42 am

They put the pope on a slab today
for all the people to see
and that's OK.
His cheeks were rosy as he lay in his cape and hat that day
but he's still on his slab
and it's driving me mad
'cause the pope is turning grey.
They'll parade him about in the sun no doubt
but he won't be getting any tanner that way
the pope's still turning grey.
Is that why they've pulled all the cameras back?
Is that why they wave all the incense about?
Is that why they shoo all the stragglers away?
'Cause the pope is turning grey?
They'll slide him under the floor pretty soon
bed him down and tuck him away
with all of the other morphing popes
who are surely much further along than grey.

horizon3two5 41M
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11/18/2005 11:41 pm

LOL...Funny comment about the Mormons.


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