Gotta Love the Cams.  

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4/1/2005 7:48 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gotta Love the Cams.

Well after doing my whole first post I must say I was encouraged to write some more. It brings such happy joy to my heart knowing I got 22 people to waste their time reading my blog. Now I'd like to think that they were entertained a bit, and if they weren't then they should be really questioning themselves why they wasted that much time out of their lives. I take it from the lack of comments that every one feel into that catagory. Which is a bit disheartening. Though I see no reason to let that stop me. Hence the "mood" of enthusiastic. I like that you can set the "mood" I'd really hate for people to not know how I was feeling at the moment.

I was thinking that maybe it'd be a good idea to have a bit of structure to this whole thing. Like just sort of pick a topic and just sort of go where ever with it. Something along the lines of the title sort of going along with what I'm yaking about.

So I decided that the Cams on this site would be a good one. I mean the cams are better than T.V. We don't have t.v., t.v. is evil, so anything really is good for us. But still it is better than t.v. at least with the cams there's always something on. So yeah I've been having lots of fun watching the cams. Can't really say I'm a big fan of watching the single guy jerking off. I do how ever enjoy watching a waman give a guy a handjob or a blow job. That's fun too. Though my big favorite is just watching people go at it. There's just something about the whole feel of cams that really does it for me. From the sometimes bad resolution of the cam itself to the lag of the feed getting to you. Just makes it seem more real kind of raw in a way. Though if the person your watching has audio that can have some interesting results. Because it seems that audio streams a whole lot better than say video. So yeah the audio is playing in more or less real time while the video is playing at best 1/2 speed. Gets kind of annoy but I find it a bit more humerous. Gives your imagination something a bit more to work out.

My only real complaint about the whole thing is that overall people could work on their lighting. Most of the time they don't have enough light. The way I think I'd go about lighting for a cam shot would to have a lamp with a 100 wat bulb behind the camera and a bit above. Then I put another light off to the side put out of view of the camera. That one would have a 40 or 60 wat bulb. That might be worth trying out. But having the light in the view is not good. Throws the camera off.

Framing would be another issue but I don't think that's something that can be helped too easily. Every body should be able to do the lighting. But being able to set up the cam just anywhere isn't an option everyone has. So I won't really fault people for bad framing of the shot. Besides at times bad framing really adds to it. Having a camera person would be fun though. Actually that would be really fun. Anyone out there up to being just the cam operator?

So today's April 1st such a great holiday. Celebrating playing pranks on your fellow man. And I might ad only 19 days away from aprils other fun holiday. Definitly got to enjoy that. Halloween by far takes the cake for me as being the best holiday. Being a heathen can be such a fun joy at times. April is also the month that me and Liz are going to be spending moving into our hip new swinging pad. Liz it seems is going trough another nesting period of sorts. April is also the month of showers. Showers are good, I tend to indulge in one every now and then.

I'm also "enthusiastic" because so far our membership has gotten off to a good and interesting start. I can say that we've gotten to talk to someone. Though I'd like to think of this as a good and positive thing. There's a part of me that's been doing this awhile and knows not to get to much hope up. Which is ironic in a way. I'd have little to no problem hearing from 20+ guys if we were looking to set up a gang bang for the wife. Now if they were legit or not would still be up for question. But yeah we've gotten some interest and it makes for a fun fantasy to know. We'll see where things develop to.

In the mean time there's cams.

Feed back would be nice. Is there anything you fine people or things out there would like to know about us?

guttertramp2 61M
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4/2/2005 8:08 am

Haven't seen much of the cams on this site. They only give us standard members brief glimpses if that. But I've been messing w/ the camcorder for a long time shooting my own private porn sessions and find lots of problems w/ lighting in that regard, and problems in general w/ the whole game of switching hats continuously throughout the "process", which it has seemed to become, when it's only me and her. It's important to me to get good results, bred as I am on factory porn w/lots of pros involved. In essence I become director, gaffer (lighting?), cameraman, set-designer (move that plastic bag and lose the coffee table..), future editor and caterer to the girls as well as storyboarder and actor. My libido always feels like a kid pushing through a crowd of legs trying to get a glimpse of the parade. Lighting's always been a problem for me, maybe because I'm a little dense and maybe because of the problems shooting in a Mexican motel w/ tan walls (bad bounce of saturating yellow), one outlet (all those extension cords going everywhere), and a general paranoia of hauling a bunch of equipment to my room in plain sight of everyone. Everyday is cleanup and pack-away before the maid arrives, and things left out in general would be great fun for the policia should they want to poke their noses in. So my mental activity is going in several directions at once, and just to cut down on the buzz I make do w/ as lean a production as possible. Most porn flicks are filled w/ soft bounce light in a white room, not much problem with shadows there 'cause the source is everywhere and overlapping. A fixed tripod can thwart the shadow problem of direct lighting, but it's got the limitation of being fixed, though the remote in and out and a tripod close enough w/ the handle pointed towards you (so you can easily adjust it) takes care of framing and the thirst for a variety of shots to work with. And it's easy to move the tripod this way and that just by reaching out, picking it up and plopping it elsewhere, just making sure you're not blocking the light. The girls all seem to love watching themselves on the LCD, pointed towards us so I can monitor the action. I did this for a long time and your basic ideas about lighting work here, but I learned soon enough that it's only good for BJ's where the action is pretty much in one place throughout. But fucking is another matter. Nothing's more boring than a half hour of footage of my fuzzy butt bouncing up and down, and nothing's more a pain than looking over my shoulder to see if the framing's right, and if it's not getting up adjusting then getting back into it again. Forget it, the effort ain't worth the dark, muddy jumbled results you get. So I've stuck w/ BJ's, which is not a bad thing at all... but I want more. Recently I've gotten into handheld stuff (inspired by the Sweet stuff from Vancouver)- I like the immediacy and fluidity of what I get, but it's got its own set of problems.The Sweet stuff's shot under a bank of florescents w/ plenty of bounce off white walls. The guy never seems to have trouble w/ shadows, or shake or fluid movement. I don't know how he does it, but he ought to give seminars. Your lighting idea makes for difficulties here. There's always some juicy angles made distracting by shadows of the camera between the action and the light source. Definitely requires lots of bounce to be worry free. I shoot w/ a pretty good camcorder- a trv 900- and the sucker can get heavy held out here and there for extended periods of time. Plus I like to use both my hands, manipulate the girls head and motion, and I find myself more and more under a burden using only one hand, feeling a bit crimped and removed, a voyeur at my own sex-party. It definitely limits my total active involvement, one hand working feverishly with the girl while the other tries to stay smooth and centered while awkwardly adjusting my hand on top or around the camera as I move it about, w/ all the attendant shakes and jitters and muffled scrunching of the inbuilt mic. That can be fixed by editing but I still wonder how that Sweet guy does it because his whole session is usually free of cuts from beginning to end, smooth and muffle-free.
So unfortunately the only answer I've come to is the same as yours- a third person to film it. Not unfortunate because I'm shy, I'm an exhibitionist to the core. But you've just got to coordinate things with someone else and hope that the chemistry's right and that they know their licks. My shooting across the border has got me limited, can't be paying someone's way so they can be my cameraman, and most of my friends don't share my tastes for the action down there. But letting whoever films it worry about the lighting and framing while you give your libido free reign is definitely the way. You've also got to hope that the cameraman has got a knack. Takes either an innate talent or a lot of practice to shoot porn that's smooth and right-on voyeuristic, exciting or more so than the actual experience. I'm not sure if I've got the former- in my days behind a still camera I always seemed that fateful moment late, and I haven't had any experience freely shooting others... but I'm really, really anxious to give it a try, and I've got the thirst to discover and fine-tune what makes it work. I'll be your cameraman if you want, with pleasure. I assume you can contact me through my profile. I like your literacy and think we'd get along fine. Also, I'm definitely up for a gangbang w/ your wife. You can read what I'm about and she can decide if she's up for my rude involvement. I'm big on nasty and blunt demanding verbosity. I find it highly arousing and I assume others in the crowd would too, just my lurid style. How about your wife? Never missed being a cheerleader in school, but just can't resist it when the pack gets together. If not, there's always the camera....

guttertramp2 61M
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4/2/2005 8:16 am

No AdultFriendFinder, that is not my face attached to the 1st posting. Maybe that's guttertramp1, my arch nemesis, my evil twin brother, the bane of my existence, the shadow always lurking at the edge of my vision....Try again sweetheart, we all know it's Saturday morn and you've had a rough and exhausting Friday nite....

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