A Third Set of Pictures?  

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4/7/2005 12:51 pm

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A Third Set of Pictures?

Words can be funny at times. Certain words seem to have a certain effect on people. People tend to like some words while not really likeing others. A word that seems to demonstrate this the best is the work Fuck. Hearing the word fuck gets people all sorts of riled up for some reason. Personally I think Fuck is a pretty good word. Fuck can be a noun, verb and adjective. I like things that are flexible and have options. It makes them more effcient. Besides it's just a word. It's not doing anything to anybody. I seem to recall some sort of saying about sticks and stones from when I was a kid.

I have a problem with people who don't like words. It bothers me. Set's me on edge a bit like someone running their fingernails down a blckboard. I see censorship as a form of enemy action. When you think about it that's really what it is. Censoring someone or something is nothing more than preventing that source from being able to freely communicate with those around them.

Now kids what is one of the few things the millitary does when it first starts attacking something? Now granted I'm not a millitary person and not ever really been involved in it. So take this with a grain of salt. But it does seem to make a lot of sense to me that the army or who ever really doesn't like the other person to be able to communicate very well. That and the newspapers mention that a bit too. Now this makes total sense to me. If my army was attacking the other army. It would be really handy if the other army couldn't talk to each other. It helps in keeping them from being organized too much.

Now with those two tid bits my logic works out to something about like this. That when someone is being censored their ability to communicate is being limited and interfered with. I see the censor form the standpoint that they are engaging me in an enemy action. That such a person is being the aggressor and should be treated as such. I see it as the actions of someone who is declaring war.

There is still a bit of hope. The Librarians are still around. They'll fight they always have and always will. Till the internet kills the library. That bugs me as well. Not that I ever go to the library. It's a bit more than that. The internet any more is questioning the idea of intelectual property. It's an important issue to watch. Libraries I think have a big part to play in a dicurssion of that nature.

Untill the Library's die the librarians within will always be really cool to me. They don't like it when people try and mess with their books. And they don't care if the book in question is about "How to sacrifice small children" or "how to single handedly save starving children." To them it's the principal of the thing. Mantaining your principals is a good personal quality. To me that makes you an increadably great person.

Now that we know that Fuck is a good word. Fine I think it's a good word. The word Picture also seems to be a good one. I don't know why that is really. It just seems like a good word to put in ones topic. That's the working theory at the moment. I'm going to not use the word in tomarrow's topic and look at the results. But this is what I'm going with so far. The when the word Picture(s) is in the topic readership goes way up. When the magic word isn't there it goes way down. Though I am not quite sure. There may be other factors.

Say we go with the assumption that is indeed the word pictures that draws people's attention to me. Why would that be exactly? How and why does that word attract people so much. What does it suggest and what does it imply about this situation? Well picture is pretty obvious what that suggests. I'm about to get to see a picture of a dead bird laying on a sidewalk. Perhaps a nice squished bunny on the road? Not quite what you had in mind? Well you did get to see something didn't you? The word picture just says that you might get to see something. It doesn't say anywhere what you get to see if at all. Now if picture is indeed the word. Why then do people flock to it? Especially when you think about it a moment the word alone doesn't hold any great promise of you getting to see what you had in mind. Really the word is nothing more than an empty promise.

However I think I may have a good idea of what they were hoping for. This gives us some fun things to pursue now. Given that my assumption of what's on their minds is correct. What I'm postulating in my mind is that in all likely hood a majority of my views came from men. Now if your a guy and your out looking for some nice pictures on the site you learn couples are good for pics as well. This is something that is learned very quick. Guys can't help themselves we like to take pictures of our women. As a result theres lots of things for people to look at here. So good chance a lot of the views came from men. This is relevant. I too happen to be male. Gives you a bit of an edge in understanding how the male mind works.

Now we have a lot of men and this word of false promise. This isn't good. Not good at all. I'd be willing to guess a few of them were backed up for awhile. That's really not good at all. When men are horney that get for lack of better words really really stupid at times. At best they are just dumb when in this state. That's kind of why I don't like going to strip clubs much. The men are in what really should be called "simple mode". Guys get really hopefull when they're like this. As the name suggests we're simple and aren't really focused on much of anything. It's bad and as I've said not good.

When you get something that is a false promise together with someone who is hopefull. Your not really setting up a happy union.

So my working theory at the moment as to why pictures is a good word.

The word picture implies that you may or may not see something. If there indeed is a picture to see then the content is unknown. It is really the anticipation of the viewer if they become interested or not in the word. That since it'r reasonable to assume that a mojority of views came from men. And also given the men on an adult personals site are more likely to be horney at best. Then it is resonable to coclude that their anticipation is in seeing a nude female.

That's my theory at the moment.

That's not to say I don't take pictures of my wife and enjoy showing her off. It's just I'm not really here in this particular spot to do that. But it is rather funny now that I've set down and thought about the thing a little more. Makes you want to come up with other interesting ways to fuck with people. People don't like it much if you fuck with them. It makes for however really great and cheap entertainment.

When I first started working at Bigfoot I worked 3rd shift 6 days a week. Bigfoot was the name of these gass station convience store chains. Needless to say my job wasn't particularly exciting. When people get bored they tend to come up with something to entertain themselves with. My personal amusement happened to be locking one of the doors and putting a sign up on the door. Not really all that exciting I know. Until that is people start running into the door. It seems people have a really good nack of ignoring things around them. The sign was pretty big 1 1/2 foot by 2 and in big red letters. Now people don't like running into the door. It's annoying makes them look funny and makes the clerk smile that they were just being an asshole to. People would be upset and yell at me a bit. Usually about why it was locked and where the sign was. This is funny too. Especially when they bring the sign into question. The idea that people need to have a sign in order to accept the resposiblity for themselves is amazing. I would point to the sign and it would usually end there. To me pointing to the sign was like saying "I can't help it if you want to be ignorant and not pay attention just don't blame me for it." They seemed to except this.

The door was a lot of fun to me. People react to things in such odd ways at times. The first was put on the door that was locked and said "Please use other door." and had an arrow pointing to the door that was open. Now when I first started this I noticed that people coming into the store had no problem it was only when they were leaving. The door that was unlocked is on the right hand side from the outside. That brought to question then of is it because of the sign or because we're more of a right handed society? This also made me start to question wether people pay attention to words or symbols more. So on to sign number two.

Sign number two was good. It allowed me to continue the amusement of watching people run into the door. This time I put the sign on the unlocked door with the arrow pointing to the locked one. This is what it said. "Don't use that Door". I got a bit different results with this one. The customers leaving were still having problems annoying as usual. The change came with the people coming in. For the most part people can read and look at symbyles. There are those however who like to just look at the arrow. These are the funny people. I now have a new subgroup to watch. These people just see the arrow. Arrows are usually good people feel safe following arrows most of the time. They walk up to the door they were pointed too and give it a go. Nothing happens this surprises them a bit but doesn't completely deter them. They just grip it harder and try harder. Still nothing happens. Then they look at the sign again. Yes there's the arrow pointing in the right direction. Oh wait there's words too. Oh. Then they finnally make it into the store. Sometimes the person coming in saves the person coming out. But only because they're annoying and standing in front of the door.

This goes on for awhile with me. New signs new answeres but always new questions. There also was a group of cops that would hangout there. They were cool fun to talk to and hangout. It's good to know cops they think your swell then. They also thought my door experiment was funny to watch as well. Seems that cops like to fuck with people to at times. It's nice to have a common interest. They found it amusing. But cops are people too. And people despite their best efforts still do dumb things. Now yes the cops do like to hangout and people don't like seeing them do that. I really don't care as long as when I call them they get there. These guys would do that. When they got a call they were moving. They don't run indoors they save that for out side but they like to move about at a quick pace.

One night about 5 of them came in for a bit. One of them was even joking with me about the door. They started doing their thing which was drinking soda or coffee and yaking at one another. Then about 5 to 10 mins. later they get a call. And here they come it was a beautiful single line formation. It was just too much to be true really. A perfect setup from the start. Seeing the first one hit the door was good. But seeing the others run into each other was priceless. I was laughing, being called a little shit by one added.

Fucking with people is good. People need to be fucked with more often. Wake em up a little.

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4/7/2005 3:49 pm

For Unwed Carnal Knowlege. Leave it to the Britts to come up with an anacronism for a crime that is so versatile.

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