Here is some of my poetry. I am a Bard.  

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Here is some of my poetry. I am a Bard.

I thought I might post some of my poetry. I hope some of you beautiful Pagan women like it. The Wizard93.

A new introduction of "In Search of the Lady Rhiannon's Mystery

By Stephen W. Abbott AD (arch-druid) Hazelnut Grove On-Line Branch

This new introduction is important because the piece that you are about to read is 25 years old. Older then some of you out there then my reading audience. This work has

Finally been corrected of all the glaring spelling errors of 25 years ago which even the

Editorial staff of Pentalpha Journal missed. One of the most glaring errors was that the

Goddess Rhiannon's name was misspelled. This error was not discovered for 25 years till

Two women from the Druid Wisdom Exchange pointed it out. At the time I was a member of said Druid Group and still am. But the story gets even stranger when you

Realize that Stevie Nicks name was also misspelled. All of this has been corrected with

The new version. In 25 years since I wrote this piece it had never been republished till

Now. It was recently been republished in an internet newsletter known as the `Druid's

Egg. Sadly it was not edited so it still possessed the same misspellings of 25 years ago.

In 25 years I have recited this work to Pagan audiences across the USA and Canada. In all of those appearances neither I nor anyone else notices these mistakes. How strange is that? I re-dedicate this piece to the Goddess Rhiannon, to Zai Zatoon for her lovely artistic rendering of the Goddess Rhiannon and to Stevie Nicks for her wonderful song

About Rhiannon. To these 3 women I give my undying thanks. I can only hope that this

New version of the In Search of the Lady Rhiannon's Mystery shall meet with the

Approval of my reading and listening audience.

Yours in the Mother be she Danu or Don AD (arch-druid) Stephen W.Abbott.

In Search of the Lady Rhiannon's Mystery

The following prose-poem dedicated to the Goddess Rhiannon Goddess of the Wind

And Song, was written in a mediumistic trance-state on Thursday, March 29th, 1979

At 3AM. I was inspired to some degree by the Fleetwood Mac song about Rhiannon

Sung to perfection by Stevie Nicks. The greater part of my inspiration came from my

Recent studies and researches in relation to this particular goddess material I intend

To publish at a later date. I like to thank Zai Zatoon for her lovely artistic rendering of

The Goddess Rhiannon. Just a few months after this piece was published in the fall

Issue of Pentalpha Journal with her. I hope she is doing where ever she may be. I'm

Interested in all comments about this work.

The Journey

I am being taken out of my body, directed out of body by some unknown force. At

First I resist, but after a time I realize that this unseen force doesn't will to do me

Harm. Quite the contrary, it wills to take me hither and yon away from the confines

Of my body and mind into another world which I have seen only in glimpses. A

World of unearthly beauty and light. An immortal world where time ceases its

Unending pace. A place where dwelleth the divine kindred of my Celtic Race.

I am out of my body floating on my thoughts and allowing them to transport me to

This other-worldly place beyond time and space and even mortal memory. I gaze

Down at the sites below me and see an earth strange and transfigured. Vestiges of

The 21st Age is not to be found in any form. There are no cars, nor street lights, nor

Trains nor planes, just masses of green and patches of rivers and streams, and

Occasionally a village flows by. The air about me is fresh and clean, no smog to

Poison my lungs and brain. My motion slows its pace, and my memory relates to me

Its tales of the Celtic Race. The winds about me are pressing closer and closer and

Growing cooler. But I feel not the winds harshness, for I am now clothed in fine,

White linen which magickically fits my body as if it had been patterned for me and

Me alone. It smells of crisp fresh snow. I am no longer in free flight, but standing on

A hill top which seems to me a familiar place, and evokes to mind my Celtic Race.

My mind tries to trace this rock strewn hill within the bounds of my living

Memory. Through my mind I pass through this door of memories lost and come at

Last to realize where I am, even to know what force has brought me hither through

The bounds of time and space, to dwell at last with my Celtic Past.

The Encounter with the Lady

My mind has done its work. A great feeling of warmth and mirth now consumes my

Inner being. I am in a place of Grace and Power and Beauty. A place that I have

Known before in another life and time, a place where many a sacrifice has been

Performed to Truth and Light. The name of this place is whispered on the lips of the

Winds and I listen to what the winds will to tell Me.:

"Thou hast been transported to this place beyond time and space and even

Beyond your deepest memories. This place thou knowest by the name "Gorshedd

Arberth", the hill-throne of Justice and Sacrifice of this world and the Otherworld,

Presided over by the Lady of Justice and Light, Wind and Air and Beauty Bright.

Rhiannon is my name and Love and Song be my might. To my abode thou hast come

This night".

The wind now takes the form of the most radiant and beautiful woman that I have seen

In all me life. Dressed in a gown of clouds and light, whose airy presence brings to me tears

Of grand delight. And in a moment of timelessness the Great Goddess of Sing Birds and

Loving Life stands before my trembling being. I gaze upon her and my mouth forms

Words that seem strange to my senses. I speak to the Lady of the Winds True Song:

"Oh Rhiannon, Oh Rhiannon, Beauteous Goddess of Life, Light and Love, fashion for

Me a dove of love"

She gazes upon my linen draped frame, with eyes so wise and tinged with flame and speaks to me and calls me by name, with a voice so musical I cry in shame.

The Grey-eyed Lady speaks:

"Oh Bard of my people, Oh scholar of Life, I have brought you hither to this place

Of Light, back to your time honored home this night. Be not afraid or ashamed of

Thy lips desires, for thou art welcome in my sight. Here in my throne room thou

Shalt stay the night and listen to my tales of woe and plight, which I shall impart to

Thee with grand delight."

And with the wind which is her element, she tells me tales of woe and bedevilment,

Which brought so many tears from out of my eyes that a river began to flow that reached?

My thighs and a fire consumed my ears and eyes. Then she blew away my river of

Tears and cleansed the redness of my eyes and ears. After a time the Lady spoke to me


"Oh Bard of my people, you have passed this test. Your tears flow honestly down thy

Breast. In many ways thou art the best, but still thou must pass the final test"

Then she told me tales of love and beauty that went beyond the rest, and I found myself

Laughing and then crying like all the rest. Once again a river formed and as before

She blew it away and cleansed the redness from eyes and ears and wiped away all my

Left over tears. Then She spoke to me a sleeping rune which made my mind sway and

Swoon. But before my lids had fully closed I heard her say to me in repose:

"Oh child of Earth, Oh Bard of loving Heart, I send thee back to relearn thy art, and

Thou have accomplished this, I shall call thee back to dwell in this, thy true abode of

Immortal bliss."

When I awoke I was back in my earthly home and suddenly I felt so alone and saddened.

But when I realized all that had happened, my heart and mind were happy and


The Pledge to the Lady

"Oh Lady Rhiannon, Oh Patroness of those who follow the Bardic Path, I shall relearn my art and return to the Path of Bard and Druid, of Mage and Sage, and

Wisdom of Age, and ever shall I strive to reach the highest path to the highest goal

Of life and love and Freedom of Soul. Farewell to thee Oh Lady of Memory,

Farewell to thee Oh Lady of the Wind's true Song, Farewell to thee who taught me

This song of Life and Love and Wisdom gone. Farewell to thee sweet Rhiannon.

And now I sit before my desk to study and learn the true poet's quest, and one day

Soon I shall come again to her Holy place of wisdom and learn the Arts which will

Grant me the freedom to live and love within Her Kingdom.

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