Make Sure You Go To THAILAND! (19-11-05)  

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11/22/2005 12:17 pm

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Make Sure You Go To THAILAND! (19-11-05)

I managed to get in touch with this really lovely couple. The woman was from Thailand (about 36) and the man from London (about 40).

It was a Saturday evening and we met up in London and went to the pub for a drink. This is where I met this really lovely woman. (I’ll call her ‘Summer’ for now). I’ve given her the name ‘Summer’ not only to protect her identity, but because that’s what she reminds me off. She is such a nice lady to talk to and is always smiling!

Well anyway, Summer, her partner and I thought we might switch pubs because it was too smoky and loud and we went to this other one down the road which was quite quiet and had a good atmosphere and so I managed to have a good chat to the couple before we went back to their flat.

I was showing them some principles of computing and how to do certain things on AdultFriendFinder and showed Summer my photo. In the pub she said she tends to go for much older guys and said I was a bit too young, so thought I wouldn’t have the chance of banging her sweet pussy. As I was showing the photos, she asked to see my cock and that was one of the best moments ever! So I got it out and she said ‘Wow ‒ I’ve never seen such a thick, clean cock before’! So she started sucking it real good and after about 5 minutes she said she wanted to try it in her. So I got a condom on and started fucking her doggy style. She said it did hurt her a little because my cock was really thick and that impressed me!

During the course of fucking, she started getting undressed and I managed to lick her tight, dripping pussy and tits and I can safely say that it was one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen.

I was fucking with my clothes on and so was her partner whilst Summer was giving head to him. Hopefully, we’ll defiantly meet up again, because I’m sure they said they would love for me to come round for dinner.

Well anyway, I can’t express how thankful I am to that couple and I am so glad you read this!



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