Here's my story so far...  

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5/13/2006 1:44 pm

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Here's my story so far...

Ok, sorry here is my story so far...I've been single for quite a while now. I just cant take being single anymore either. I used to love going to the clubs with my friends too, but ever since my friends all got gfs they never want to go out anymore. So ive been stuck being a 5th wheel in their relationships. I dont know what to do anymore, because i dont want to go out alone.
The other thing that's really starting to bug me is that none of the girls i like seem to like me the same way, yet just about every girl i dont like, due to a huge problem in personality and/or looks, gets a crush on me. Sometimes i think i should just settle with one of those girls that likes me, but i think it's wrong to go into a relationship with someone that you weren't interesting in to begin with.


5/13/2006 2:48 pm

If you think this shift is bad just wait until they start getting married and having kids. Then you'll long for the days in which your friends only just had girldfriends.

It's weird how that phenomenon works out with who you like generally not likeing you. Try a reverse psychology experiment with it. Many girls can lose interest in you you if you are not somewhat of a challenge to them. But there is no challenge and sometimes not much interesting personbality left either in a guy who'd become like a "puppy dog" to them.

Try treating the ones you like closer to how you are treating the others who crush out you that you had no previous interest in. You might be surprised at the results. Sometimes feigning a disinterest in the ones you really like can have inexplicably magical effects. Just learn to strike a balance with it though as you do not want to appear too disinterested.

Also don't be a puppy dog type who simply lets a girl simply lead you. Girls generally tend to like you to have your own opinion on things and to somewhat stick up for those opinions. Constantly acting like you agree with the girls you are interested is not hitting that mark. Be bold in being who you really are. But you also don't have to be an asshole about that but knowing how to slightly be an asshole in an intentionally joking kind of way can also really be a great and useful skill to have with all this.

Anyways good luck with your friends and their pussywhipped new habits. I've now lost nearly all of my old friends due to the evil spectre of marriage and kids. But I'm still holding up my end of things here as a 43 year old still behaving quite like teenager. And lucky for me I still sort of look it too. Sort of.


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