What a Marvel!  

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5/28/2006 8:16 am

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What a Marvel!

Yesterday was a good day, spent mostly with Son of Quiet. We went into town and did some shopping for bits and pieces that he wanted, had his favourite lunch in Pizza Hut and then went to watch the new X-Men film: "X-Men: The Last Stand".

And great fun the film was too. In many ways the deepest of the three films in the franchise, my only real complaint was that it sometimes seemed too rushed ‒ when so many films easily top the two-hour mark and leave you yawning, this one clocks in at around 1¾ hours and could easily have run on longer.

That's a minor complaint though and the only thing that the movie left us wanting was more, more, MORE!!. The usual excellent performances from Sir Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and, of course, the utterly charismatic Hugh Jackman (when I grow up, can I be like Hugh Jackman?) provide a good foundation for any film and they're wrapped in a decent plot with plenty of well-directed and thought-out action scenes and some delightful support. I’d highlight the advent of Kelsey Grammer as the Beast (will I ever be able to watch "Frasier" again?) as a real treat though it was wonderful to see Vinnie Jones (ex-football hardman and "Lock, Stock …" actor) as Juggernaut.

There were even a few moments of real surprise and sadness. Even where the outcome was predictable ‒ and, believe me, there were moments like that too ‒ there was the feeling of satisfaction that things had turned out the way they had to, that the world was still working right!

It may not be Shakespeare or "Capote" or "Monster's Ball" but it was a damn good way to spend an afternoon with Son …

But, then, we've always shared an interest in the creations of Marvel Comics. I remember being brought up with Marvel and DC comics all around me (I think my elder brother’s Superman books did more to expand my vocabulary in my early years than anything else and I still remember which is which out of stalagmites and stalactites because of something I read in a Superboy tale!) and I wasn't very old before my Dad started bringing home new comics for me weekly ‒ though he always read them first! I would become absorbed in tales of the Green Lantern and the Justice League and Batman and I’d read them over and over … at least until the next episode arrived.

As I grew older, though, my loyalties shifted to Marvel Comics. The artwork was somehow brighter and fresher, the stories more involved (and having far more emotional depth and humour) and the characters much more compelling. The Avengers, Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, Dr Strange, the Fantastic Four, our very own Captain Britain and, of course, the ever-changing X-Men rapidly consumed both my pocket-money and my storage space.

As my own son grew, like my father before me, I introduced him to the characters that I had once enjoyed (though one person did accuse me of child-abuse for doing so!). I could only be glad that he liked them as much as I did ‒ it’s good to be able to share something like that with ones offspring.

I do have one regret though. After many years away from home I was asked by my Mum what I wanted to do with the huge collection of comics and books that I had left there. With a certain reluctance ‒ but also a very definite realisation that the wife of the time would not appreciate them! ‒ I suggested they be given away. So they were. Now, of course, not only is Son less than impressed by that but I’ve come to realise just how many thousands of pounds my collection would have definitely fetched!


CelticFlower 50F

5/28/2006 11:31 am

I am so glad that you had a wonderful day with your son.I have to agree about Hugh Jackman yummy.....oh and charismatic too. He was saying on the Jonathon Ross Show on Friday night that there is going to be a Wolverine spin off.
My 2 love all of these comic strip charcters too.

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