Holey body parts, Batman!  

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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8/18/2005 5:45 am

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Holey body parts, Batman!

The picture isn't me, I'm afraid, but ...

... the inimitable Helga_Hansen has been considering a piercing ( A mid-life crisis??? ) and it made me think about what I admit is an intriguing subject.

Me, I dipped my toe into this particular pond a few years back and paid a very nice man to drive a sharpened stick through one of my nipples, following that up by sliding a ring of metal through the hole he'd created.

Sounds a lot more painful than it actually was. No, strike that - for one brief moment it was absolutely agonizing but it passed almost immediately and after that the negative effects never really rose above a dull ache. Nothing that a few over-the-counter painkillers couldn't handle, a bit like stubbing your toe but without the risk of damaging your toenails.

Odd, though, how many moderately disturbing stories come out once people realise you've had this sort of thing done. There was the one about the guy who was playing rugby and an opposing player not only grabbed his shirt but also his nipple ring, pulling it clear out. Or the guy who was showing how much weight his ring could take by hanging an iron from it only to discover that, in fact, it couldn't. Then, of course, there was the one - which I'm less sure I believe - about the woman who supposedly managed to catch her nipple ring when closing the boot (US: trunk) of her car. And that's quite apart from all the stories of the people whose piercings have gone wrong with somewhat messy results.

My only negative experience was in the reception area of the office a couple of days after I'd been done when it was crowded with VIPs. It was so crowded that I had to squeeze through the doorway which was fine and dandy until the little twist I executed at the end of the movement flicked my poor, abused nip against the door frame! I don't know how I managed to exercise so much self-control but I managed to clamp my jaws shut against the wave of profanity that, strangely enough, wanted to burst forth.

Piercings can, perhaps, be a career-limiting move

On the whole, though, I had no real problems. In fact, for a while I was seriously tempted to go for something more drastic. It's like they say: this sort of thing can become seriously addictive - and it wasn't helped by going to one of the Erotica shows in London where I not only saw literature and photographs but also some very interesting live demonstrations

A Prince Albert (but not, before some wag points it out, an AlbertPrince) was very tempting, hence the photo above left. Maybe I should have had it done at the show but I decided to think about it. And as I researched it I heard plenty of tales of added pleasure for both the wearer and the woman on the other end (once she got beyond the "Oh my God, what do I do with that" stage).

But then ... well, there was the story of the girl who'd got the bar in her tongue inextricably caught with the P.A., necessitating a somewhat embarrassing trip to the hospital. Then again, the thought of septicaemia of the penis bothered me rather more than the idea of an infected nipple, quite apart from the instinctive "You're going to make holes where???" reaction that frequently had me clamping my thighs tightly together.

The real clincher though, oddly enough, was the very real risk that I'd no longer be able to pee forwards, the urine finding alternative escape routes through the new orifice(s). Ladies, you may think you have enough trouble with inaccurate men as it is but imagine that!

So, some years on my tackle remains intact and unaugmented even if my curiosity remains. Maybe one day ... but it's going to need one hell of an incentive!


AlbertPrince 57M

8/18/2005 6:40 am

Why do you think I am called Albert Prince? I can only say that if you're the slightest bit tempted - go for it. For me there have been no detrimental effects other than as you rightly point out, the ability to pee in a straight line is removed. Wherever possible I choose to sit down to pee. However, if I am forced to pee standing up, the results can be catastrophic as the ring acts like a sprinkler head on a hosepipe. Woe betide anyone standing next to me at a urinal!
Overal though, i have to say that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

freetime648 52F

8/18/2005 8:24 am

Quiet, I have also considered the nipple piercing, but, I am so afraid as I get older, they will look less attractive and more like dorr knockers! Hmmmpf! I will stick to tattooes!

xx FREETIME648 xx

helga_hansen 49F  
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8/18/2005 10:15 am

Wow... maybe we should just have a piercing party... all meet up, get suitably sloshed (think of it as anaesthetics to enjoy) and then go and get one part of our bodies done. I have to say I've never thought of a man having his nipples pierced Darn! Mr Hansen has just had his birthday... I wonder if he'd consider having it done for mine?


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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8/18/2005 10:03 pm

Al ... oh, it's still tempting but in this case, "slightest bit tempted" just doesn't come close to cutting it. It's slightly worrying to realise that if Helga's piercing party idea were to ever come off, though, you all know which bit to encourage me to get done!

Helga ... how sensitive are Mr H's nipples already? Most (though not all) people report increased sensitivity once the nipple is pierced so you could point this out to him Or, hell, have the party and invite him along!

Free ... I take your point but then skin can stretch as you age too. I can't imagine me getting a tattoo ... but like Linda I like other peoples!

rm_EE407 41F
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8/19/2005 1:09 am

Q, I think you should up a piccie showing us the nips... Just so we can check you understand?? lol. Of course I'm gonna be gone for a few weeks, so a f f mail is acceptable as proof as well!

As to a penis piercing. It sounds very painful. I've not run into a guy with a penis piercing. I'll be sure to keep you informed should I run into one

1polishedjem 54F

8/19/2005 5:44 pm

ooooh yikes ewwwyy no way!! LOL

I have my ears pierced twice. That's enough thank you very much.

My one and only (and never again, I found out I prefer men only) experience with a woman...she had piercings.... down there?! As well. I didn't care for it.

oh well, to each their own!


TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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8/19/2005 10:22 pm

EE ... well, you know I'm notoriously shy and modest. If I felt there was a real demand I just might think about it but ...

Jem ... each to their own indeed. And I must admit that my piercing is a singularly selfish one: I can't see it gives anything to a partner other than, possibly, novelty value but for me, on the other hand ... mmmMMMmmm

rm_dizzyandfun 48F
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8/20/2005 7:55 am

I ve never met a guy with a pierced penis either..but somehow it doesnt appeal. Nipples now...mmmmmmmm....they doooooooooo.
I ll put it on my list lol (the one you havent got yet !!)

Diz xx

sweetthang2877 39F
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9/5/2005 2:30 am

I dated a guy that had a Jacob's ladder piercing...it was on the underside of the penis instead of on the head...OH MY!! mmmmmmmmMMMmmMMM
Now what was I saying?? Oh yeah! Not been with one with a prince albert tho...Al?

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