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TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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4/23/2006 11:53 am

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Anyone for a Massage?

The idea of Tantric sex has always fascinated me but it’s something I’ve had no real experience of so far. As I say to people - though they rarely believe me ‒ I just happen to read a lot!

For those who don’t read as widely as I do (or haven’t had what I’m sure would be the superior option of being introduced to it by actions rather than words), Tantric sex can be defined as “meditative and intimate lovemaking through which you learn to prolong the act of making love and to channel, rather than dissipate the orgasmic energies moving through you”.

What does this mean? Well, if you’re of a spiritual bent it can mean raising the level of your consciousness, it can increase your energy levels, enhance your sensuality and can transform the act of sex into both a sacrament of love and a joint, spiritually-enhancing experience.

If you fancy your pleasures a little more down to earth, you might like to note that it enables you not only to have full-body orgasms but also to enjoy a string of orgasms over whatever period of time you care to set aside ‒ even if you’re a man.

Hear that sound? It’s the sound of male readers sitting upright in sudden concentration. How, they ask? By avoiding ejaculation, that’s how. There are techniques for achieving this but I’m not going to bore you with them here ‒ do your own research!

Apart from that, the key ingredients seem to be taking time (there is no rush, no objective other than being fully in the moment) and remaining calm and relaxed (including letting orgasms flow through you rather than tensing as they approach). The rest is a list of practical techniques far too lengthy to go into here.

If any seasoned practitioners are reading this they should feel free to correct the over-simplifications that I have made here and correct any mistaken conceptions that I will no doubt also have formed.

What’s made me think about this? Well, I was reading recently about yoni massage ‒ and, by coincidence, that’s the only activity of the type that I’ve had the opportunity to imdulge in. Yoni is an oriental word for vulva/vagina that has a reverence attached to it that none of the western euphemisms can come close to, containing as it does the idea of female genitalia as an object of worship, the sacred origin of the world.

Strictly speaking it’s more of a Taoist approach to sex than it is Tantric but the emphasis is the same. The basic technique is as follows:

The man (in a heterosexual relationship) massages, first, the outside of the yoni ‒ the upper thighs, then the lips and finally the clit ‒ and then inserts one or two fingers and gently starts to massage inside. This should be a generalised massage but it’s no coincidence that the area that should receive the most attention is the G-spot! While doing this, the thumb can rest on the clit and continue to massage that and, as an optional extra, the little finger can be used to stimulate the anus.

If you’ve been reading carefully, you’ll know that all of this should be relaxed and gentle and ‒ especially ‒ unhurried. And while this is going on, what should the woman be doing? Just one thing: concentrating on her breathing, keeping it as slow, relaxed and even as she is able to particularly if and when she cums. In theory, the whole experience is transformed …

Does it work? Well, you’d have to ask the young lady I tried it with but I certainly didn’t get the impression that she was complaining! One day perhaps I’ll get chance to try it again.

So, next time you’re offered a massage (ladies) or asked for one (gents) why not suggest a yoni massage? If you’re lucky it could be an interesting experience for both of you; at the very least, it’ll be a talking point!

Having said all of this, I can’t help being reminded of a line I heard on the TV. I wasn’t watching the programme in question but the context was a relationship where Tantric sex was a way of life and the wife, found in flagrente delicto with a lover pointed out that, wonderful though Tantric sex is, sometimes you just want a damn good fuck!


EroticaXTC 49F

4/23/2006 1:33 pm

"...Tantric sex was a way of life and the wife, found in flagrente delicto with a lover pointed out that, wonderful though Tantric sex is, sometimes you just want a damn good fuck!"

yes, there's always that saying about having "too much of a good thing.."

saddletrampsk 54F

4/23/2006 1:47 pm

Woohoo..massage my yoni baby..

You are cordially invited to [post 319220]..hope you can make it and you can bring your harem if you want..the men are starting to out number the women in true AdultFriendFinder fashion..

HotDev1l 44M
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4/23/2006 2:59 pm

Quit reading and start practising
Nice little article mate.

GB_Cple 66M/55F  
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4/23/2006 11:52 pm

sometimes you just want a damn good fuck!

rite on

helga_hansen 49F  
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4/24/2006 11:12 pm

*Continues to practise her breathing*

Oh, for heaven's sake... I just want a damn good fuck!!


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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4/25/2006 12:36 pm

Erotica ... Exactly! Though I can't help feeling that just enough of a good thing would be wonderful

Saddle ... If nothing else "massage my yoni" is a lot more subtle that the alternatives!

HotDev ... Thanks, sir - from you that is a compliment of the highest order. Of course, you have to appreciate that it's much easier to read than practise as I sit here alone night after night

GB ...I couldn't agree more!

Sexyfit ... I'm told that the multiples just feel different when approached the Tantric/Taoist way. Hey, how do I know what a woman's orgasms feel like??

Helga ... May I help you with that? Perhaps we could alternate the two?

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