"... wants to meet bitch"  

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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12/11/2005 11:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

"... wants to meet bitch"

Blame DizzyandFun. It was her blog (Benji s First BJ.......) that started me thinking ... dogs and sex, sex and dogs, dogs that are desperately sex-starved ... hmmm ...

I've never owned dogs myself because I've never wanted the responsibility (so I had a son instead - shurely shomething's wrong there) but I know that dog lovers, the really fanatical ones, will do anything to make sure that their pampered pooches are happy.

But don't dogs get lonely too? Don't dogs want to get their rocks off (assuming they still have their rocks, of course) just as much as humans do? Don't they want a suitable playmate, at least occasionally?

So what should the caring owner do? Unleash said dog in the public park or the beach and let nature take its course? Far too random for the truly caring owner.

Instead, I'm wondering about setting up DoggyFriendFinder, a place where caring owners can put up the details of their beloved canines and find a suitable match. I appreciate that I'd need the permission of the powers that be of This Site but I really think I've found a niche market.

"Jolly Jack Russell (M) seeks similar (F) for walks in the park ..."

"12-inch tall bitch, non-pedigree but definitely classy, seeks male for fun and possibly puppies - no strings but leads optional ... great danes, labradors, wolfhounds need not apply ..."

"Well-endowed, confused male alsatian seeks similar for butt-sniffing, romping and ball games. Gives good chase ..."

Who says the entrepreneurial spirit is dead?


helga_hansen 49F  
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12/11/2005 11:30 pm

Almost makes me wish I had a dog now!! Do you think we could flog designer scarves to their owners??


Love, hugs and kisses from ♥♥HH♥♥

freetime648 52F

12/12/2005 3:33 am

very cute this one Quiet.........

xx FREETIME648 xx

rm_dizzyandfun 48F
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12/12/2005 9:51 am

LOL TQ..Benji wants to know where to sign up....Jeez. Does that mean I have to get him his own mobile phone now??

Dizzzzz xx xx

brightblonde3 58F

12/12/2005 11:14 am

Q, that's the E-spirit. I shall start Feline Friend Finders...

"Tom, neutered but still frisky, seeks female to treat like Queen."

"Searching for my lovely Siamese soulmate."

And imagine all the pussy jokes.


Queen Cat Mother


GB_Cple 66M/55F  
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12/12/2005 11:45 am

Trust helga to think of a new market for her scarves lol

rm_texasgal1978 45F
225 posts
12/12/2005 6:57 pm

you could probably get rich off of this idea too bad my dogs are spayed.. they would just be the doggiefriendfinder sluts..lol

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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12/13/2005 9:39 pm

Helga ... I'm sure we could think of something! I take it you're thinking of Helga Hansen Original scarves? If you're not sure what I'm referring to, dear readers, when I mention Helga Hansen Original scarves, just pop over to the HelgaHansenOriginals. Web site - you can figure out the address if you know it's a COmpany in the UK. Good enough plug, ma'am?

Freetime ... Cute? Does that mean you'll sign up?

Polly ... You mean this isn't original? Rats. As for the desexing ... all I can say is that there seem to be no shortage of pups over here and I'm happy to make money from the irresponsible owners!

Dizzy ... Benji doesn't need his own phone, silly. But his own credit card would be useful!

BB3 ... and together we shall conquer the world!!

GB_Cple ... What? Oh, you mean HelgaHansenOriginals? Great, unusual, original, hand-knitted scarves at great prices? Those HelgaHansenOriginals? (PS, Helga ... I'm going to start charging a marketing fee soon!)

TexasGal ... Glad you think so - I could do with a little rich! Don't worry about the fact that your dogs are spayed though - everyone immediately sees a site like this and thinks sex but, remember, the word "Friend" is in the title and some dogs may just want to play!

AlbertPrince 57M

12/14/2005 10:19 am

Aren't there plenty of dogs on this site already?

try_ME45 57F

12/15/2005 2:29 am

Having read this post my two dogs would like to sign up please?

E is a pedigree empress, 10 ins at shoulders, just wants someone to adore her, but is very picky. Bit of a dominatrix....

C is 8 months old pedigree hormone factory at the moment , and basically "any hole is a goal", or leg, or cat, well anything really! He's not picky at all! lol!

They look forward to their membership starting!

rm_nico2licious 55F
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12/15/2005 8:57 am

two great danes seak yorkie to lick there balls, (willing to pay in eukanuba)

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