Strange Dream  

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8/3/2005 1:09 pm

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Strange Dream

I had a night filled with strange dreams.

I was driving on Lake City Way just north of the N.E. 98th intersection, down by the Italian Spaghetti House, when a guy in a State Trooper uniform driving a beat-up early 50's pickup truck with the right rear tire flat, at a high rate of speed, not fully under control, passed me south bound.

As I continued south on up the hill past 95th, I could hear what sounded like machine gun fire but it seemed to be coming from all over, not just from one location. And I couldn't quite home in on where it was coming from.

So I planted my foot in the gas believing that it was unsafe to remain in the area, as I approached 15th N.E., buildings were damaged, windows were broken out. It appeared that widespread fighting involving automatic weapons.

But it wasn't clear just who was doing the fighting. I didn't see any military vehicles, and it didn't appear to be some sort of mass assault by the state police because they themselves seemed to be surprised and caught off guard and just trying to deal with a situation that had them totally overwhelmed.

I intended to turn right on 15th and head north and get away from whatever was going on but it was solid, not moving, and I didn't want to be trapped not moving with automatic gun fire in the area. So I continued on to 80th and was going to make a right on 80th. It too was jammed up in the vicinity of the intersection but it appeared to be clear further down and there were no cars in the oncoming traffic lane.

So I turned into the oncoming traffic lane and headed west in the eastbound lane. Somehow the threat of being shot seemed greater than the threat of receiving a traffic citation and the police seemed rather preoccupied anyway.

At this point I woke up out of the dream.

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