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8/1/2005 11:47 am

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I received a spam asking, "How would you like to make as much as $35,000 / day just returning phone calls?

Well, usually I don't respond to spam but this one included an '800' number so I thought, what the heck, I'll ring up their long distance bill and see what this is about.

I talked to a guy named Damon, who had me call into a half-hour long conference call. It turned out to be something they are calling the "Power of People Network", which as near as I can tell is nothing but an elaborate pyramid scheme.

There is no product except for access to a website that coordinates the whole thing and the telephone conference that tries to convince you to join.

The problem with pyramid schemes of coarse is that they only work for the people at the top of the pyramid. Sooner or later there comes a point where there aren't any more gullible individuals to form a downline and the people at the last level just lose their investment.

If it involves $5, $10, even $20 no big deal. But I really hate to see things like this involving large sums of money because ultimately there are going to be a lot of people who lose that $3500 that can not afford to do so. And it's usually people who can least afford it, people who are already in financial dire straights that will buy into something like this. Heck if I weren't I wouldn't have even listened to their presentation.

For those of you who might be asking, which is it, $35,000 or $3,500, the cost to get in is $3,500, but the idea was that you could have multiple downlines and thus greater income, although the math seemed seriously flawed to me.

But it's not like I didn't know from the get go that it was going to be some sort of scam. Sure there are people making $35,000 / day but they generally aren't real excited about sharing their secrets and if it's not a scam like this it involves some real product.

I guess in my present economic situation though I cling to every little ray of hope.

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3/12/2006 12:00 pm

Hi All:

I am new to this site and want to post about a scam that cost my family $3,500.00. It was a "gifting program" called The Power of People Network. My husband answered an online ad stating "Make money at home for returning calls - no selling". We emailed and someone named Jonathan Parr who lives in Corsicana, Texas and Amelia Island, Florida emailed us for our number. He called within 30 minutes.

We were told we cold make between $500-1,500 per day returning phone calls and we wouldn't be selling anything - just answering questions. We should have known it was a scam because he didn't want to give many details until we were "qualified" (as in sent in the money) He was instructed to send $3,500.00 cash via FedEx.

Once the money was received, a guy named Elbert West from Carthage, TN emailed my husband about 200 phone numbers. He was instructed to call and tell these "leads" about the program and try to solicit them to send $3,500.00 to JONATHAN. Well, we were shocked on several levels. Why would we ask anyone to send someone else money before we had even gotten our money back not to mention that this just seemed wrong. As you can imagine, this did not work out well as my husband just didn't have his heart in it because he suspected this was illegal.

Well, it is illegal and it's categorized as and "gifting program" which falls under the heading of "organized crime"! There are several groups that have gifting programs online, but this particular one was called The Power of People Network and they are ULTRA organized. You have to send in cash via FedEx to avoid trouble with the Postal Inspector; you have to send in a "gifting statement claiming that you are giving this money of your free will and you have to send in a non solicitation agreement which states that no one solicited the money from you.

Please beware and do not get taken in by this scam. I am in the process of notifying EVERY Attorney General in the country as well as the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, Postal Inspector General, Better Business Bureau, IRS and the Federal Trade Commission. As you can imagine, they claim this money is tax free because it is a gift. I feel positive that the government would NOT agree.

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