Magazine Rants  

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8/2/2005 9:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Magazine Rants

I just got back from the magazine section. It's scary. So many unhappy people in the rants and raves section.

One of the things that really got me, here's a rant on my part; it was a woman ranting about why people won't just be honest?

Well, here is a clue, start having sex with the honest guys. As long as you continue having sex with guys that tell you what you want to hear instead of the guys that tell you the truth, guys are going to continue to lie.

Then fitness, obviously the majority of posters either have zero understanding of human physiology or they just like to pretend to be stupid. And about every third post containing a picture of a big bent dick with a hand around it doesn't enhance the situation.

There was very little real fitness information. I wish this site allowed posting URL's, then at least some links to real information would be possible.

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