Hmm, that went reasonably well...  

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Hmm, that went reasonably well...

On the non-physical side of things, I believe we are all connected, that the space between us and the time that passes is in some sense illusionary. I've had many lucid dreams and one waking out of body experience where I've gone exploring. I've traveled to distant planets and traveled in time.

I've experimentally tested the reality of what I've been able to see by going somewhere I hadn't been but could drive to then driving there to verify that what I saw was accurate and it was. Also some things I've seen in the future happened. Some things haven't yet.

I've found traveling in the future to be qualitatively different than simply traveling spatially or in the past in that things aren't "fixed" entirely. For example, there might be an event that is going to happen and I tried to pin down the date by looking at a newspaper that reported it just after it happened and noting the date on the paper and while the headline stayed the same the date wouldn't stabilize, the numbers kept changing as I tried to make them out.

So I have a real genuine belief in the connectedness of everything and that things exist beyond this physical reality and the hear and now, but I'm also really interested in the hear and now.

I know this is vague but I'll pin it down in a subsequent post.

Right now I just have a free account, I'd pay gold in a heartbeat if AdultFriendFinder would let me post URL's and contact information but the inability to do so
is severely restrictive which is too bad because this is actually a nice interface they've created here.

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