Friends, sex, being alive...  

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7/31/2005 2:30 am

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Friends, sex, being alive...

I'm not really expecting to find a sexual partner or partners here because I had a paid account here for a year previously, went to a number of meet and greets, and nothing came of it (pun intended).

We've been married more than a quarter decade. Early in our marriage we played with another couple. It was intense, it was fun, I never have felt as alive since. But the woman in that couple freaked out, religious and guilt issues, and the male had artistic interests that took him away.

We never really found anyone to take their place. Had kids along the way, one is out of the house now, another done with school, and the two that are still in school are old enough that we occasionally get privacy again.

Now we are both middle aged, I still have a full head of hair and reasonably good skin and no physical issues, wife is still in one piece, we're not dead yet, but to be honest at this point we both find younger people more attractive but generally that doesn't seem to work the other way around.

Also, the people here on AdultFriendFinder that do find sex partners seem to really be into the life style and want a lot of partners. I don't want a lot of partners, I just want a small closed group like we used to have with the other couple years ago. Even just a female for a regular threesome would be great, but I'm not optimistic about the potential for it to happen.

My own preference would be a young female who was not heavy, breast size doesn't really matter to me, you can be flat as an ironing board or large, it doesn't matter. But a flat smooth belly, a nicely rounded smooth bottom, long dark hair, and a desire to be touched, fondled, licked, rubbed, felt.

But I'm not thin, neither is my wife, so like I said I can't feel real optimistic about finding a partner or partners to play with.

I miss the rush from the old days though. I hold out hope that we'll find some young but legal woman that would enjoy the company and attention of a middle aged couple or maybe another couple that first becomes friends and then later friends with benefits. But seems like the older we get the less likely.

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